Monday, June 26, 2017

New York, New York- Day 2

We knew our schedule was jam packed so we brought breakfast foods to NYC with us so we could eat in the room while we were taking turns showering and getting ready in the bathroom each morning.  This worked perfectly because we saved serious money AND time doing that.

Another time saver was using an iPad as a mirror so I could do my hair while someone else was in the bathroom.  Not a bad view though...

 We left our hotel early on Friday morning in hopes of being at the Museum of Natural History when it opened.  We took the Subway there and tried our best to contain our excitement.  This was at the top of our to-do list so we could hardly wait to get there. This was one of the least crowded subway rides we had.  

 Here is Jonah perfecting his selfie game.

Speaking of selfies...

Micah and I compared our shoe sizes while waiting on the rest of our crew to read about the layers of the earth.

As we finished up our 2 hour quick tour (you could spend ALL day there!!!) of that museum, Dan hopped on the Subway to head to Lincoln Center to get in the TKTS line for Broadway tickets for that night.
 We used that time to have lunch from a street vendor then walk over to Central Park for some fun!

 Micah got another pretzel (shocking!) and Jonah got a hot dog.  They enjoyed their lunch on one of the famous Central Park Rocks while I hovered (shocking!) close by to remind them of the dangers of falling off of those rocks!!  (My hovering was less about them falling- boys fall and get hurt all the time.  It was about them breaking a bone and ruining vacation.  If these rocks were in Florida, I'd be chill when they were on them.  Maybe.  Ha.)

We made our way over to Belvedere Castle.  The views were amazing.  The castle history was very interesting.

This picture made me incredibly nervous.  I've had a recurring nightmare since early 2009 about Jonah falling over a ledge much like this one.  So, I snapped these two  pictures then got them down as quickly as possible.

 More Central Park Rocks!
 Micah taking a bow after some particular performance.

 We spent a while in Central Park while Dan waited in the TKTS line.  We stayed in touch by text and planned to meet up at The MET.  (Metropolitan Museum of Art)  It just so happened that our good friends from here were already at The Met so we planned to meet up with them on steps while we waited for Dan.

 Micah was serious about watching that "statue!"

 Micah is "much a fan" of Ashley so we planned to surprise him by me taking a Selfie with him and Ashley photobombing us from behind.  It was so precious to see him say "Ashley?"  He loves her and LOVED seeing her in NYC!

Those crazy globe-trotting Schachters are some of our favorite people so we love spending time with them regardless of whatever city we happen to be in.  It was so fun to see them and chat for a little bit.

Micah was seriously so happy to see her.  She's his best girl and will tell ANYONE!
And, Laura has always LOVED Jonah.  I think she would take him if we would let her.

After visiting with them for a bit, they headed inside The MET while we waited on Dan.  He finally got there after waiting in a long line to snag us some amazing seats for Broadway later that night.

We kind of rushed through The MET but Dan wishes he could have stayed all day.  He was so intrigued and wanted to see everything.  I'm glad we went but I loved the Natural History Museum more than this one.  Jonah was glad to get out of there because "all of those naked statues freak me out!"  It's art but he wasn't impressed.

We left The MET (and immediately got a pretzel for Micah) and headed back to Central Park for a carriage ride.  According to Micah, we ended up in "the ugly trailer" and we kind of did but it was still fun to do this iconic NYC thing.

I loved this time away with my family but especially this man.  It's so great when he gets a chance to unplug and focus on family.  

We walked a couple of miles in order to visit Dylan's Candy Bar and Serendipity 3.  We knew they were total tourist spots but we wanted to visit both.  I'm glad we did.  The wait at Serendipity was about 45 minutes so GiGi waited in line while we walked back to Dylan's to do a little shopping.

We walked back to Serendipity and it was time to be seated.  We LOVED the Frozen Hot Chocolate.  We got a couple of other treats as well.  One was a strawberry concoction and the other was a Cookies and Cream concoction.  It was all so very good!  (Now I want to watch the movie again!)

We left there and jumped back on the Subway to get back to our hotel to change for our show.

Our hotel was right across the street from The M&M store and right next to The Hershey Store.  We decided to let the boys visit both of them on the way back because they had asked to go in every time we passed.

We got back to the room and while we got dressed, Micah wiped out another Frog & Toad book.  After he finished it, he said he wasn't reading the other book we brought  because he needed a reading break because he had "been reading signs all day."  HA!

We were actually ready early for our show so we walked to Times Square and sat on the steps at TKTS just to people watch.

We sat there for a while then made our way over to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It. Was. Incredible!

We got our tickets on TKTS that morning (Thanks to Dan waiting in line while we played in Central Park!) We had AMAZING Orchestra seats and only paid half price for them.  It was an amazing introduction to Broadway for our boys.  (and, Froggy!  This was his first show as well!)

We've saved the Playlist from this show to our Spotify account and the kids listen to it all the time.  It's a favorite around here now.  
I'm not sure if you're allowed to kiss in the theater during intermission but this guy was all about his momma and lots of kisses that night.  

We left the show and were all hungry so we grabbed food from one of the street vendors then ate it in our room.  We were DEAD TIRED so that sounded better than any other option.

They were still troopers as we headed to the 38th floor after a LONG and EXHAUSTING day in the city.  
We got back to the room and enjoyed our street vendor dinner while talking about all the fun things we did that day.  Micah enjoyed another pretzel while we all dined on other things we wouldn't typically eat.  

I made my daily Instagram post then hit the sack.  The next day was proving to be just as busy as this one.  I couldn't imagine that it could be better but it was definitely my favorite day!  So, stay tuned!

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