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New York, New York- Day 1

 See the time on that clock?  That is what time we walked out of our house to head to the airport a couple of weeks ago for our big family vacation.  We set alarms for 2:40 a.m., rushed to get everyone out the door and headed out in the middle of the night.  
 We dropped our car at the off-site parking and hopped on the shuttle with high hopes that security wasn't bad that morning. 

 There was a fairly long line at security but it moved pretty quickly.  We gathered our things and headed to our gate for a super short wait.  

 The kids were excited to fly and did great on both flights.  Micah was trying to remember how many flights he had been on when we reminded him of the ages that we were when we flew.  (I flew the first time right after my Freshman year of college!)

 We used a private car service that we used back in 2004 when we visited NYC.  They don't advertise and only work with former clients.  I was grateful he worked us in at the last minute.  The boys were happy to climb into his SUV for a relaxing right into Manhattan.  
 And, by relaxing, they were so exhausted.  By the time we got into his car, the boys had been awake 11 hours.  They knew we were hitting the ground running when we got into the city.  
 We went straight to our hotel to check in.  The boys took in the city views while we got everything taken care of. 
We watched a kid's travel show on Amazon a couple of days before we left and the kids on the show talked about the pretzels you can find all over NYC.  Micah could hardly wait to get there and get one.  It was our very first stop when we left the hotel.  As you can see, he wasn't at all thrilled with this!  

 We tried to grab lunch at the new Junior's in Times Square but it was closed until 3 p.m. that day.  
 Then we walked over to Ellen's Stardust Diner but the wait was long.  We hadn't eaten anything since 6 a.m. and wanted something quick so we decided not to wait.  
We bought our tour bus/attraction tickets before arriving in NYC so we went ahead and jumped on the double decker bus for a little sightseeing.  We all grabbed our earphones and plugged them in to listen to information about all we were seeing.  

 When our bus got to the Empire State Building, we decided to jump off just to check the wait times.  We were told through research, that the average wait is 2 hours but in the summer, it is closer to 3 hours.  Our bus tour operator told us if the line wasn't out the door, then we should give it a shot.  We are so glad we did.  The wait was ZERO.  The only wait we had was the time it took us to get from the door to through all the queues and elevators.  

 It was so chilly that we finally had to put jackets on. It was a high of 72 that day so we appreciated some cooler temperatures than what we typically have in Florida.  

It was a fun surprise for the boys to discover that GiGi was flying into NYC to meet us.  She had never been so it was fun to introduce the boys AND GiGi to all the touristy things in the big apple!

 After taking in the sights from atop The Empire State Building, we got back on the double decker bus to see more sights.  

 I turned around and discovered Micah was OUT.  I cannot remember the last time he took a nap much less fallen asleep in the middle of anything fun.  He was exhausted.  (We all were but adults can't get away with napping anytime we want!)

 The kids had been continually asking to ride a subway.  We spotted an entrance right at one of the stops for the bus so we grabbed Micah and headed for their first subway ride.  I was afraid he would be too sleepy and that a 15 minute nap would have made him a grouch, but when heard we were getting on the Subway, he woke right up!!

 I'm going to stop for one minute and say this is the ONLY time we carried a kid the entire trip.  Our fitbits/Apple Watches told us we walked 49 miles on this trip and he hung in there.  I was so proud of him. 

 Our room was finally ready so we ran back there to make sure our luggage arrived and so we could freshen up a bit before the evening.  Here is Jonah checking out the view from our room.  
 We had some pizza for dinner then took in the excitement over at Madam Tussauds.  

 We thought about grabbing tickets from TKTS to see a show on Broadway but knew it would be hard to stay awake.  A 7:00 show would be on our 16th hour of being awake.  We knew that would be pushing it for the kids.  We hadn't really planned to do the wax museum on this visit but we loved it so much when we were there in 2004 and the kids loved the one in Orlando when we went last month.  It ended up being the perfect activity for a group of weary travelers who needed sleep but didn't want to miss any excitement.  
The boys with a Transformer

Our family with Lady Liberty

Jonah and Louis Armstrong

Jonah playing piano with a man whose name I can't remember!

Dan could totally be a Rockette!

Micah and Anne Hathaway

The boy with Morgan Freeman

Oh, Marilyn Monroe!

Dorothy and her yellow brick road

John Wayne

Love this one!  Micah and E.T. 

Micah with Steven Spielberg

The boys with Harrison Ford

Micah and Katniss could be a solid team!

Cooking with Lucy


I've always liked Kelly Ripa

Anderson Cooper looked crazy real!

Jonah said "This one is mine!  We both love science!"

I've never had a desire to visit London.  I'll just show this to Dan every time he mentions that trip.  

Ha Ha!

 While I want my kids to grow up and do great things, I'd be fine if a career in politics wasn't either of their things.  

Bless boundaries with these wax figures!

 They had to take turns on the red phone and next to the button.  

Oh, Ronnie!  Your presidential library is on our "soon to visit" list.  

W didn't look so real but that didn't stop Micah from imitating him.  

Reading Braile with Helen Keller

The boys hanging out with the Clinton's

Micah and Obama

Jonah wanted to spend all of his money on this box of Sour Patch Kids

 The boys with were of their favorites.  They both love Spiderman.  
 Micah is currently obsessed with all things Marvel.  So, this part of the exhibit thrilled his little soul.  He is still talking about it.  

He took his posing very serious

One of our favorite Manning brothers

He's never played tennis but he felt sure he could take Serena

Add caption


Micah and Carrie Underwood

Happy, Happy, Happy with Pharrel Williams

 We left Madam Tussauds and walked back to our hotel and let our boys get a good look at Times Square at night.  There is something magical about that craziness.  I'm glad they got to experience it.  But, we were most excited about getting into our beds and resting up after a very long but super fun day!

Edited to add...

I forgot to include our pics from my phone for Day 1.  They will be mixed in with the photos from the big camera on all the other posts but I forgot to pull them for this one.  So, here they are.  

Jonah took that picture from the airplane.  I thought it was a great shot.  He was pretty proud of it as well.
 Here we are on the shuttle excited about our trip to NYC!!!!
 Froggy was very happy to fly again.  He is a compliant passenger.  He doesn't say much and doesn't even ask for snacks.
 Micah was kind enough to share with him even thought he didn't even ask for a single thing.

 My jacket was in our bags at the hotel.  I used Micah's Elmo Blanket (or Elmo Mommack) to keep warm on the bus.  It was so cold that first day.  #NoShame

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