Sunday, June 4, 2017

Micah's Kindergarten Celebration

Well, this little boy finished Kindergarten and is on his way to First Grade.  He had a really fun year and keeps telling me how sad he is that Kindergarten is over.  He was so excited to head out to his Kindergarten celebration last Thursday morning.  

It was so cute to see those little guys march in and take their place on stage.  

They sang a couple of songs together before taking their seats.  

They each received their Kindergarten medal and certificate.  

After the celebration, we went back to the classroom for a luau.  It was so cute.  Mrs. Myers did a great job.  

The kids all took a turn telling what their favorite things about Kindergarten were then we watched the Kindergarten slideshow.  

After the slideshow, we enjoyed hanging out with all the kids and parents.  I got some sweet photos for Micah's memory book!

Oh, Matthew...

They were anxious to dig into their pails to see what goodies Mrs. Myers had for them.  

I'm posting all the pictures of Miller with Mrs. Myers because they make me laugh so much.  

Just when the boys thought we were done taking pictures, we stopped them at the brick wall and took more! only have one Kindergarten Graduation so we had to document it well!  

I'm grateful for another great year of Kindergarten.  Micah learned so much and really loves school.  That makes me so happy!

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