Friday, March 10, 2017

Day Two on the Disney Wonder

Micah was especially excited about breakfast each morning because that meant Mickey Waffles!  He was thrilled to have an unlimited supply.  

Our port day was Nassau but neither of our families left the boat.  We've been to Nassau many times and as my grandmother says, "that don't show me much!"  We wanted to do the Atlantis Waterpark but at almost $200 per person, we just didn't feel $800 was worth it.  Especially when you live in Central Florida and can buy water park passes to Disney AND Universal parks for your entire family for that amount.  Seriously, we could do those parks for the whole year for the cost of 6 hours at Atlantis.  No thanks.  
We had our one and only lunch at Triton's.  We discovered in that moment that no lunch was worth the chaos of four boys who would rather be at the kids club than at lunch coupled with a lack of sleep.  Seriously, NO lunch is worth that!  (Our servers and those people seated around us would have thanked us had they known we wouldn't be back!)

Since we were in port and many people had left the boat, the pools and waterslides weren't as crowded so we took the opportunity to spend some time there.  
But, first...a couple of pictures of our crazies with Atlantis in the background!!!  These pictures make me happy because they are so their personalities.  

My kids couldn't decided if they wanted to swim or just watch the movies on the screens over the pool!  (Swimming won out!)  It was cool to see movies playing at all times on the ship.  That was a fun feature of Disney.  

Micah really wanted to see a ton of characters on the trip but there really wasn't enough time to stand in line for characters AND do all the fun things on the boat so he settled for a few here and there and was fine.  
We ordered room service (Did I already tell you room service is free on Disney Cruises?  All you have to do is tip the person who brings it!)  for the boys to tide them over until dinner time.  Our dinner was the late seating of 8:15 and we learned on the first night to just order room service for them so they wouldn't be starving during the 6:00 show!  As you can see, they were fine with this idea!
(The cheese plate was ours and so yummy!!!)
The signature show onThe Wonder was FROZEN.  None of the boys were particularly excited about this but we made them go because the shows really are so good.  (And, they don't like to admit it but they all enjoyed it!)  We let Miller and Micah take Lolly and Froggy.  They were very happy to have their special friends to endure the show with them.  

Holder was just happy to finally get to dab in a picture.  This is his go-to every time we said to smile for a photo.  

Dan took all the loveys before the boys headed back to kids club.  He looked so manly with Lolly and Froggy!

On Disney cruises, you rotate restaurants each night and your servers rotate with you.  So, you end up in a different place but with the same service team.  Our restaurant that night was Animator's Palate.  We had heard SO MUCH about this place that our expectations were so high going in.  

When you enter the restaurant, everything is black and white.  We were told the color adds over the course of the meal and by the end, the entire restaurant is full of color and excitement.  That was kind of the case except nothing really happened DURING the meal.  It was all at the end.  

What do you know?  More Mickey bars!!

We got back to our room that night and had a special surprise waiting for us.  Well, let me back up.  Earlier in the day, room service knocked on our door and delivered chocolate covered strawberries.  We told them we didn't order those (they aren't on the free menu...only on the special occasions menu!) and they said "we know!  It's a gift!"  But, they didn't tell us who they were from!  Dan was convinced Dave and Aja sent them over.  (Thanks, guys!)

When we got to our room that night after the show and our late night adventures, this was waiting for us.  

The boys were always excited to see the towel creations and chocolates left for us!

It was a great ending to day two on the ship!  The kids had a blast but were exhausted.  The next morning was an early wake up call because we had to be off the ship early for the 5k.  More about that in the next post...

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Aja said...

SO glad we didn't do Atlantis with that wind and little bit of rain! The Rainforest Room in the spa was a much more relaxing choice! 😉


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