Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Take Your Dad To School" 2016

Take Your Dad To School Day was last month.  Both boys were so happy to have their daddy in their classroom.  Unfortunately, the 5th and Kindergarten classes overlapped so Dan had to be in both places at once.  

As you know, that isn't possible.  So, Micah called in a favor from Mr. Lloyd.  He made the sweetest call to Lloyd and said "Would you like to be my honorary grandpa for the day?"  Of course, Lloyd quickly agreed.  Micah was happy to have his daddy there for the first 15 minutes and Lloyd there the last 45 minutes.  

I was only there on "Dad's Day" because both teachers wanted pictures.  We do the end of the year slideshow so I try to take photos throughout the year of all the kids and their special people.  I left Micah's class and went to Jonah's class for the end of his time with his dad.  They were doing a Quilt Live competition with the dads on the teams with their kids.  

I took a picture of each kid with their dad.  I saved Dan and Jonah for last.  When I turned around, a few of our favorite girls were standing there with Dan and Jonah.  They were so tickled with themselves.  

My kids love having their daddy in their classrooms.  It always makes us sad though because there are always kids there without a daddy or special someone.  It's obviously painful to them and that kills me.  I'm so grateful for a daddy who has a job that allows him some flexibility and for a daddy who values time with his kids.  

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