Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Micah's VPK Graduation

Peace Out Preschool

 When Amanda and Eli planned their trip, we had zero idea that Micah's graduation would fall on their first full day in DeLand.  We had grand plans of LegoLand but those got scrapped for a very important graduation.  And, being the friend that I am, I told them not to go!  Listen, if I can avoid a graduation of any kind, I do.  I'm certainly not going to ask people to sit through one if they aren't connected by blood.  And, even then, I'd give them an out.   She snuck in some graduation kisses before we headed out.   

 This year of school was so different for him than 3 year old preschool was.  He had a great deal of confidence.  He never cried one time at drop-off.  He was so excited to go every day and loved the entire experience.  (Except when his teacher told him he was "off-topic!"  If you know Micah well, then you know he probably got told that MANY times each day because he ALWAYS has a story to tell that usually has zero to do with what his going on around him.  

They showed this cute slideshow of each kid holding up a sign with what they want to be when they grow up.  Micah's got a lot of laughs.  We were not at all surprised because he has been saying this for a while.  We're on about month six of hearing how he wants "to be what George Washington was!"

 Something else that has surprised us in the last year about Micah is his love of being on stage singing and doing motions.  He fully sings and fully participates (if he knows all the motions!) It's fun to watch him up there.  

 After they performed some songs on stage, they processed in to receive their diploma.  

 He loved Mrs. Chimka and Mrs. Moore so much!  We were sad to tell them goodbye this year.  

 Micah's buddy Grayson was in his class and in this graduation so Jonah got the privilege of sitting next to Jessica again.  Those two love each other.  She brings out a side of Jonah that I don't even always see.  He will always have a super special spot in his heart for his third grade teacher.  
 Micah's very best friend at school this year was Cole.  Cole moved away right after graduation so we probably won't see him again.  I was a little weepy over this.  I don't know him or his family at all but it was the reality of your kid not ever seeing his best friend again.  I can't tell you how many conversations at our house were about this little boy.  I glad he was Micah's friend.  I'm glad he made his day at school fun and something to look forward to each day.  
 Micah was especially happy to see his favorite teenage babysitter there.  Her mom is the director of Micah's school.  He LOVES Grace and she loves him.  She's a fabulous babysitter if you happen to need one.  
 And, as you can see, she looks a LOT like her mom.  We've had a great couple of years under the leadership of this lady!

 With the exception of one of these girls, this crew will all be in Kindergarten together in just a few weeks.  It's fun to know they will see each other and get to continue their friendships.  

 I took this close up to document Micah's weird off center smile thing that he does.  He's been doing it for several months now.  No matter what we tell him to do to change it, he keeps with it.  It's SO annoying when I'm trying to take a picture.  But, it's so signature Micah.  You can see it in pictures before this one on this night and in pictures after this one.  It's all over my blog and Instagram.  It's just who he is these days.  But, the other thing about this picture is the bruise on his head.  He got that earlier in the day while the kids were in the pool.  Just wait...you'll see one on the other side in just a few pictures. 

 See him holding his head?  Yep, he and Grayson ran into each other.  Check out the other side of his head now!!!

 We were so happy to finally be done with the 2.5 hour graduation experience.  We pulled in our garage to see signs hanging on the door for Micah.  (It helps when your friend is super creative and finds your craft supplies!)

 We closed out the night with an evening swim and an Oreo Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen.  It was fun to celebrate this guy leaving the world of preschool.  Next stop:  KINDERGARTEN!

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