Friday, August 12, 2016

Jonah's 5th Grade Meet The Teacher

 5th grade!  Wowzers.  It seems like yesterday that we held the hand of a super timid kid and walked up to this school with so many unknowns.  Today, he walked steps ahead of us while waving to friends and speaking to people he knew as he walked up.  
 We immediately saw Ava.  These two have been together (except for 2nd grade) since 3 year old preschool.  

 We're super blessed to have this kid.  We have loved watching him grow and develop.  I can only imagine what is ahead for him this year.  

 (I forgot I still had shades on so we did a redo!)
 We ran into Katie Evans first thing.  She gave Jonah the most amazing 4th grade year and we will always be indebted to her.  Her little girl Hailey is in Micah's class this year.  So, she's stuck with us for another year.  
 The line to get teacher's names was wrapped around the building.  We decided to skip the line at the beginning and just wait at his teacher's door for the time to start.  Logan and Riley hung out with us there.  The obliged me by smiling for a few photos.  

 Mrs. Willard saw us out there and invited us in early.  We are so excited to have her as a teacher this year.  I've heard the most wonderful things about her so I can't wait to see how she helps Jonah and works with him.  
 While we chatted with her, those three checked out the names on the class list.  We know most every one of the kids in there so that will be fun.  

 Speaking of knowing the kids, here area  few of them.  

 The boys made themselves at home in the reading corner.  
 Oh, sweet DeAnna.  We love her.  She and Jonah are co-anchors on the news this year.  We've been with her all but two years.  

 Jonah and Abigail were in preschool together and then many classes together over their years at Freedom.  
 Jonah with Mason and Garrett.  Garrett is in his class again this year.  
 We love us some Pam Andrews.  She moved from 3rd grade to a resource position this year.  She will actually be in Micah's room the first week of school this year to help.  Micah is super happy about that.  
 After the lines were gone, we went in to get his teacher assignment.  Yes, we had already visited the classroom but I have one of these photos from every year so I needed one from this year as well. 
 Dan was talking to our new principal, Mr. Leader as Jonah and I walked up.  He was able to introduce him to Jonah and Jonah was able to act incredibly awkward like he had never met another human before.  
We always have to get a picture with Aaron.  These two neighbors didn't end up in the same class this year but they are on the same soccer team, go to church together and live on the same street so I think the will see each other on occasion!  :-)

 Dan had to go fix a computer for a teacher who needed some help.  Jonah and Logan played in Logan's mom's room while he worked.  
 They were getting crazier by the minute so I took them to see their former teachers like I do every year.  Mrs. Newman made them dress up like pirates.  

 We caught Mrs. Leonard as she was finishing up her last student.  
 Leigh Hoover was doing teacher and room assignments so we ran back in to see her again since we had forgotten a picture the first time.  
 Dan was in Mrs. Myers' room working so we took a quick picture with her to round out a photo with every teacher that has taught him in his 6 years at Freedom.  
Jonah is NOT ready for school to start but he IS excited about his teacher, his class and great year ahead.  

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Aja said...

You guys did a full tour! I know Jonah will have a great last year of elementary! And sweet Deanna was my buddy today in Holder's class. She is precious.


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