Friday, August 26, 2016

Soccer- Round 3

 When Jonah was three, he started soccer.  It was a dream of Dan's from the moment he knew Jonah was a boy.  Dan played soccer from a young boy through college.  After playing, he coached teams and was a referee.  He was always excited to have a kid of his own who would love the sport.  
 But, Jonah didn't really love it so much.  He liked it okay but he didn't love it.  He cried a lot.  He couldn't understand why someone would take a ball away from him if he was kicking it.  It was tough.  Bless his heart.  

We finished that season and decided to give it a little break.  We aren't those parents that were going to force him to play a sport he hated.  We will always finish what we start but that doesn't mean we will enroll again.  So, a couple of years passed and we decided to try again when he was 5.  Our neighbor asked Dan to coach with him at the Y.  

 It was a better season but still not something he loved.  There were even a few tears.  

 There were a few happy times as well.   (This was back when snuggling up to mommy during your breaks was a totally cool thing to do!)

But, when the season ended, we decided to put away the cleats and shin guards one more time.  We almost decided that soccer just wasn't his thing.  But, somehow, the soccer drive kicked in and this dude decided he wanted to play.  He signed up for soccer tracks and camps, he kicked the ball around with his dad at home, he played at school and then decided he wanted to play on a team.  

Our town has a great league through Stetson University.  One of our friends runs the league.  But, games are on Friday night.  Friday nights are our one dedicated family night.  It's when we do Disney.  It's when we go out of town.  It's when we have movie night.  We just aren't ready to give that up.  So, Dan decided to coach at the Y again.  He teamed up with our neighbor again.  They make a great dad coaching duo.  Their personalities are much the same.  They don't yell at the kids or belittle them.  They make the sport fun.  That's all we wanted for Jonah.  We wanted him to have fun, learn a sport, learn teamwork and feel a sense of athletic accomplishment.  And, as a bonus, the team is full of his friends!

These pictures are all from his first practice.  You can see his is much more relaxed and actually excited to be part of this team.  

Micah enjoys practices being at the YMCA because there is a playground there.  On the night of the first practice, Miller was with us.  Sam's sister is on Jonah's team so he was there as well.  The three boys took full advantage of that playground.  


After practice, all the soccer kids joined the younger siblings on the playground.  

We're already 3 practices and 1 game in.  (Game pictures to come but so far we are undefeated!!!!)  I'm glad we gave soccer a try again.  Jonah loves it!

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Aja said...

Holder really likes soccer too. I was just telling a friend last night he's really a kid who could benefit from playing sports year-round on a rotation, but with so many other things (church, school), it's just tough. Spring tends to be our sports time and we're all pumped about Upward!


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