Monday, November 9, 2015

Micah's 5th Birthday (Part 1)

When I put Micah to bed on his 4th birthday, I took one more photo of him holding up four fingers.  This was the last time he went to bed as a 4 year old.  
The next morning, he got up and put his 5 shirt on so the world would know he was 5 years old.  (I'm glad this tradition dies with young kids! I'm happy not to sport a shirt with 41 on it!)
His breakfast and a few gifts were waiting for him.  

Jonah was so excited about decorating Micah's door.  He got SO into it.  It was sweet to watch.  He's been the recipient of a fun door several times so he couldn't wait for Micah to experience it as well.  
Our little sleepy head was still snoozing away when it was time to get up so we stood in the hallway singing happy birthday and blowing horns.  

Micah opened his door then ran back to his bead and hid under the covers.  HA!  Happy Birthday our little introvert!

Dan let Max break through all the streamers.  Max, as you can imagine, hated every second of it but Micah thought it was hilarious!
Jonah was 100% totally into the celebration!

Micah's face cracks me up!

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