Saturday, June 6, 2015

Colton's 4th birthday party

Colton's mom planned the perfect summer party for him.  The kids went between the pool and the waterslide.  They loved it.  My kids talked about this party for months.  

(Can we pause for a moment to discuss how big Jonah has gotten??)

Dan was especially fond of the boiled peanuts.  

We love this little guy and have loved celebrating every milestone with him.  He and Micah both start Kindergarten in the fall.  It's hard to believe these little babies have turned into these sweet little boys.  

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Cathi said...

Awe, we made the blog again!! I can't mutter a thing about your timing b/c if you saw my camera card, you'd be rendered speechless! I just want to pause time...again and again! They're at such a fun age right now plus I just don't want to have a kindergartner in a few short months! Both Jonah and Mikenzie have changed so much since these photos....WOW!


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