Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jonah's 4th grade Walkathon

A month or so ago, we sent this request out for a little help with Jonah's walkathon.  We don't typically do fundraisers because we don't have any family near by to guilt into buying things.  But, this time, we did it because the money went straight to technology.  It was an easy way to support his school.  

I don't have any photos from the actual walkathon but he loved it.  What he didn't know is that he raised the most amount of money in his whole school.  We found out a couple of weeks ago but had not told Jonah.  They told us he would be on the morning news on the 17th so we dressed him in his green and sent him on.  He was happy to see his buddy Rylan in there also.  
Jonah was super surprsied to win first place and win an iPad.  Here he is with his Principal Mrs. Hogue and AP, Mrs. Marple.  

I followed him back to his classroom to put his backpack down and his classroom all cheered for him.  It was super sweet.  And, in typical Jonah fashion, he acted totally embarrassed.  Bless him.  He doesn't like to be the center of attention.  
When Jonah set out to raise money for his school, he wanted to win first place.  He wanted that iPad.  But, he didn't want it for himself.  He wanted to donate it back to the school.  He already has one and gets the full benefit of using it at school and home.  So, we checked with the school to be sure and since the gift totaled less than $500 in donation, he was free to gift it to a teacher.  

Through his memory and conversations with some other teachers, he knew that Mrs. Myers, his Kindergarten teacher didn't own an iPad or have a school iPad in her classroom.  We dropped his bag and then walked over to her room.  He said (with a little practice on the way) "I wanted to thank you for all the things you taught me in Kindergarten and wanted to give you an iPad to help you in your classroom!"  

She was so appreciative of him and so teary.  It was a great life lesson and moment for him.  He was able to see the beauty that comes from putting others ahead of yourself.  I'll be honest, there was a moment when he saw the receipt that showed the cost of $270 for the iPad that his eyes got big and he remembered again his great desire to stay at the Legoland hotel.  He knew the cost of the iPad was the same as the much desired hotel stay he had been asking us for.  But, he didn't waver.  He didn't ask to change his mind.  He forged on to her room and was barely inside the door when he gifted her with his iPad.  

Thanks to the friends and family who helped him win this prize for technology for his school.  He was able to raise money for technology AND give technology so that was pretty exciting.  

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Barb said...

What a blessing! From everything you share, Jonah is a special young man.


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