Monday, January 11, 2016

The reason I won't take Micah back to Publix...

I ran into Publix to grab some white corn for our white chicken chili tonight.  I had a little time to kill before getting Jonah from school so I went back to the meat section to look for something to make for Jonah.  He has hit a "hungry all the time" stage and I knew our 110 calorie chicken chili wouldn't cut it for him.  I was standing there looking at various things when the following conversation happened.

Micah:  Mommy, are you going to pay for the meat or steal it again?

Me:  What?  Steal what?  What are you talking about.

Micah:  You never pay for meat.  You always just take it without paying. 

Me:  No, I don't, Micah.  I always pay for it.  Always.

Micah:  I always come to Publix when you buy meat and you don't pay for it.  

Me:  (sheepishly laughing at the butcher standing right on the other side of the meat next to the open window) I ALWAYS pay for the meat and everything else we buy.

We walk away from there with my trying to convince Micah that I don't steal meat from Publix.  We picked up a couple of other things and then went to the register to pay.  As we were putting our things on the belt, the conversation continued.

Micah:  You ALWAYS pay for things here.

Me:  And, I ALWAYS pay for meat.

Micah:  I have never one time seen you give them money through that window.  You just put that meat in your buggy and walk away.  You have never paid.

Me:  OHHHHHHHH.  I see what you mean.  You aren't supposed to pay at that window.  You are supposed to pay up here.  

Micah:  Well, no one ever told me that before.  

So, if Micah happens to have mentioned to you that I steal meat from Publix...Totally not true!  I just pay at the register rather than through the butcher's window.  

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