Saturday, December 26, 2015

Wrapping All The Way

Jonah had the opportunity to be part of his first Children's Choir musical this month.  When books and CD's were handed out, I asked if he wanted a part.  He said absolutely not.  Then, when it was time for try-outs, he shocked us by saying he wanted to try out for a part.  He worked on his part and tried out for SPARKY.  We made sure he understood that just because you try out for a part doesn't mean you will get it.  But, he did and he was thrilled.  

He worked on his part and with the choir for a couple of months and then it was time for the big night.  I was shocked to hear from teachers at school that he invited them.  Then, the night before the performance, he got on the phone and called 6 friends and invited them.  I was amazed that he took that much initiative to invite people.  

This is Mary Anne.  She is one of the counters at my job on Mondays in Sanford.  Jonah loves her and made sure to ask her to come.  She was so sweet to miss her own choir practice that night to be there for him.  

His teacher, Mrs. Evans and her little girl came to see him.  

These two came to see a lot of the kids but mine loves them so much.  They are a huge part of our children's ministry and such an asset to our church.  
Jonah also invited his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Leonard.  She brought Addison and Grayson with her so that was a big deal also.  
I snapped this photo of Grayson, Hailey and Micah.  They will all be in Kindergarten together next year.  That incoming Kindergarten class has 16 kids that we know and all but one is requesting the same teacher.  
Here he is with Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Leonard.  This kid has had a serious run of good luck when it comes to teachers.  These two are a BIG part of why he LOVES school!
Jonah and Graci Jan are both in 4th grade and have been in performances together dating back to their 3 year old preschool days at ECDC.  
The following Sunday, some of the kids sang in the adult choir performance at church.  

It was a fun experience for Jonah.  He was totally outside of his normal character but it was fun to watch.  He was actually fairly dramatic and enjoyed the songs/dances/speaking parts.  He is ready for the next musical but has declared that he will NOT ever audition for a solo.  

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Aja said...

He did great and really owned the part! We loved watching him!


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