Sunday, December 27, 2015

Micah's VPK Christmas Program

This boy was some kind of excited about his school Christmas program.  He couldn't wait to get there that day and made sure we left the house well before it was time to go.  

He quoted every scripture and sang every song numerous times to us before we ever got there.  

Which is just perfect because this was the only time we saw him during the entire performance.  And, as you can see, it is just the side of his head.  The church was super small and there were so many kids on stage.  So, we just put our camera down and tried our best to catch a glimpse of his ear or top of his head on occasion.  
Getting any pictures of Micah with his friends proved to be just as tricky.  All they cared about was making sure they got a cookie and juice.  

Micah and Grayson will be joined in Kindergarten by five or so friends from their preschool class.  Lily and Maverick are two of those kiddos.  

Those Glenn/Leonard kiddos keep ending up in pictures together.  Poor Addison is outnumbered.  

We rushed out of Micah's performance to make it Awana just on time.  Well, actually I wasn't on time.  I had to stop by home to change clothes but made it just 5 minutes late.  
We love Micah's school and are so impressed by what he is learning but their programs are not their strong point.  Their sanctuary is SO small that it is just super crowded and you usually don't get to even see your child.  I guess that is a small trade off for the benefit of everything else he is getting there.  

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