Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jonah's 4th Grade Open House

When you are in your 5th year at a school, you show up towards the end of Open House, park in a random spot and stand outside and visit with friends before rushing to your classroom.  It's nice to be a bit relaxed.  We caught up with Logan outside and he hung with us the rest of the night.  His mom is a teacher and he has two brothers at our school.  She was with them so Logan was with us.  We love this kid.  He's a great buddy for Jonah.  They have been in every class together since the day they met in Kindergarten.  
Jonah's class did this cool "Best Part of Me" writing project.  I took the pictures for her so I had a heads up on who was who.  Each kid chose what the best part of their body was and wrote about it.  The parents had to read what was written and look at the pictures to guess which child is yours.  Dan guessed right.  

Jonah's teacher has the most talked about classroom on campus.  She definitely pours her heart into the appearance of the room.  It's pretty phenomenal to see in person.  

As you can see, Micah didn't have any fun at all that night.  

We love this lady!  It's another great year for Jonah.  I've said it before and I'll say it again but we have totally hit the teacher jackpot over our years in elementary school.  

On our way to the car, we stopped in to say hello to our beloved 3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Leonard.  We ended up chatting with her family until the parking lot was mostly empty.  We love those crazy Leonards.

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