Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday afternoon

This is my current view.  
I'm at the Library for Jonah to do his homework while we wait to get Micah from school.  He doesn't usually stay for nap time on Wednesday but a teacher at Jonah's school reached out to for some help today so I called Micah's school to see if he could stay late so I could help at Jonah's school.  But, today was early release for Jonah so we had to waste an hour before getting Micah.  He's doing homework and I'm trying to catch up on email and the blog.  Oh, the poor blog.  I post when I can but there just isn't much time these days.  I have so many saved drafts.  I need to make that a priority.  But, sometime back in the Spring when I got sick, I started Gilmore Girls on Netflix and that has taken away any extra time I have.  I'm down to the last 15 episodes so I will get my life back soon.  

School is going so good for both boys.  Jonah thinks his teacher is hilarious!  She is always telling stories and is very animated.  He hit the teacher jackpot again.  I'll have my first day with her tomorrow.  It was supposed to be last week but they were testing and no volunteers are allowed during testing.  So, I'll be there tomorrow morning for a full day in his classroom.  I'm excited to work with a new teacher and get to know a new crop of kids.  

I was not ready for Micah to be in school 5 days per week but he has handled this transition like a pro.  I've discovered it is actually better for him than the 3 day schedule because he wakes up each day knowing what his day holds rather than wondering if he was with me or at school.  The normalcy of each day has made his behavior so wonderful and his attitude each day positive.  He wakes up happy to go to school and happy to see his friends.    I can hardly believe he is almost 5.  I booked his birthday party yesterday and he keeps saying things like "when I turn 5" and "at my 5th birthday party."  It's so bizarre that he's such a big kid.  But, time marches on.  

Well, speaking of all the email that needs a response, I should probably get to it...

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