Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jonah's 9th Birthday (The Actual Day)

 When Monday of this week rolled around, Jonah turned a year older.  He is now officially a 9 year old!  He walked into the kitchen to find his stack of gifts that had been mailed by our out of town friends and family.  We decided to wait to open them until he could FaceTime with the people who sent them.  (And, by "he decided" I really mean that his parents encouraged him that was the best thing to do!)
 We planned to spend the day at the beach but the weather was terrible.  You can't tell it in the next picture but the bottom did fall out not long after this photo. We had to change our plans to something indoors.  So, we made a stop at his favorite lunch spot...4 Rivers!

 After lunch, we surprised him with a day at Dave & Buster's.  This was HUGE for him because he loves an arcade.  He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES an arcade.

 We came home to open gifts and before we got inside, we saw that Micah's gift to Jonah had just been delivered. Jonah opened it right from the mailer.  Who knew Micah knew how to shop from Jonah's wish list?

 I held the phone for him to FaceTime as he opened the gift.  He was sweet to show excitement and gratitude!

 If the person wasn't available to FaceTime, we took a video of him opening their gift and sent it to them instead.

 Micah hung out and ate prunes while Jonah opened his gifts.  (The kid eats prunes like candy!?!?!)

After opening and playing with some of the gifts, we let Jonah pick where to eat for dinner.  He chose Chickfila for dinner then Baskin Robbins for ice cream.  We had a great time out then came home to FaceTime with Darryl and Denise.  
Dan grabbed the air pump to blow up the bumper toys Jonah got so he and Micah could play with those.  

It was a GREAT day for Jonah.  He had a blast with his family.  He loved all of his gifts.  It was just an all around good day!!!  We finished the day by writing in his birthday book and doing his yearly interview.  We're certainly blessed to be mom and dad to this kid!

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