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Mid-February through March iPhone Dump

There was a time that I had a diaper bag camera.  It was a small point and shoot that I kept in Jonah's diaper bag so I would always have a camera with me.  When Micah came along, I did the same thing.  But, when the diaper bags went away, so did the little camera.  My phone quickly became the thing that I use most for photos.  Which, sometimes is so frustrating because I have a super nice Nikon that hardly gets used.  Although, if that were my primary camera, I would miss most all of these photos.  I enjoy posting these iPhone photo dumps because they area fairly accurate portrait of our life.

I snapped this photo one morning before school.  Jonah could not put his book down to leave for school.  He doesn't always take the initiative to read but once he starts, he just can't stop.  
That scarf.  Oh, that scarf.  Remember when he got that and fell in love with it?  Yes, it lasted for quite some time.  That boy took that scarf every where we went.  He wore it all the time.  Even during board games.  
The Upward season kept us SO busy but Jonah loved every second of it.  He could hardly wait to get to his practices and his games each week.  Micah enjoyed being with his friends during those times.  
The next two photos were from one of the team award ceremonies.  As you can see, Jonah loved being the center of attention.  Except, not at all.  

Micah's best little buddy at school is Grayson.  He hung out with us one night while the big kids were at Fit Club.  You can see that he and Micah have fun together.  

On that particular day, he had gotten to play with Miller, Colton and Grayson.  It made a really good day for him.
This day...oh, this day!  The kids were up and dressed for church.  (Minus Micah's shirt being tucked in!)  I tried to get a good photo of the two of them but Micah would not smile and would not cooperate.  Take a look at the progression...

Then he threw up.  Yep.  Dude wouldn't cooperate because he was sick.  I felt terrible.  But, not as bad as this guy.  

Both of my boys love their bikes and scooters. 
I picked Jonah up from school one day and took him downtown to one of the candy shops.  He enjoyed a big chocolate covered strawberry and a Smores on a Stick.  I love our downtown area.  

I'm already dreading next year when Micah doesn't have the flexibility of school that he has now.  I love the days he is home with me.  I enjoy the mornings that he crawls into my bed and say "You want to lay beside me to watch a little TV?"

Timehop reminded me of one of my favorite pictures of these little boys.  Micah wore those same pajamas that Jonah is wearing this year when the weather was chilly.  

Dan had surgery back in February.  He had a Hernia that needed to be repaired.  He actually has two but only one can be fixed.  It was a little more of a recovery than either of us anticipated.  

When the doctor finally came out to tell me he was OK, I had to giggle a little bit when he brought photos of Dan's innards!  It is as if he knew me and my love of photos.  

Friends at school have become one of Jonah's favorite parts of life.  He loves to stay after and play with them.  Anytime I am there after school, he heads outside with a football and large crew of kiddos who all have mothers who work at his school.  He desperately wants me to get a job there so he can be there every afternoon.  
While Dan was recovering from surgery, it was very common to find at least one kiddo in bed with him playing a game, watching a movie or just being silly.  
Ahhh...this made me laugh.  A lot!
It isn't very common to show up any where in Florida and find someone wearing a Mississippi State sweatshirt.  I walked into our DiscipleNow on Friday night and found this sweet girl!

As Jonah's third grade year draws to a close, I can't even begin to express how sad we are to see this chapter of his life come to a close.  We can not tell you how incredible his teacher his been.  So, you can imagine his excitement when she came to one of his Upward games to see he and Carlos play each other.  
And, just like every week, Jonah was so embarrassed as he was called forward to receive his award for that week.  He loves the award and is always so  proud of it but he doesn't like the attention.  

Can I just pause for a moment to thank the Lord for this man?  Robert Edgcomb has been a great gift to my little guy.  Jonah learned so much from him during the Basketball season but even more in Children's Church when his rotation comes around.  
Do you write in your Bible?  I love looking back to see the things God has spoken to me during my times with Him.  
I helped Jonah's classroom with their writing window display.  Props to my neighbor for the vinyl lettering she did for us.  
Another visit with daddy.  
Oh, this boy and his eyes.  We got Dan out of the house at 5 days Post-op to go to Jonah's appointment with him.  Jonah's vision is deteriorating at a rapid rate.  Most kids see an eye doctor once per year if there is an issue.  Jonah is seeing his in 4 month intervals with prescription changes each time.  That held true with this visit also.  
I snapped this photo of myself one afternoon.  I was taking a nap and I heard a kiddo sneak into my room then felt him crawl up onto my bed.  In the sweetest gesture of kindness, little Micah brought his favorite blanket (Elmo Mommock) and gently laid it on top of me.  Then he quietly patted me and kissed me.  I never opened my eyes.  I knew he was trying to do the very thing that brings him happiness and comfort.  This came in the midst of a terribly rough couple of weeks.  God used it to bless my heart in a mighty way.  
Sometimes the little guy isn't so excited about waking up in the morning to take his brother to school.  
If ever a kid loved a show, this one loves Finding Nemo: The Musical at Animal Kingdom.  This is his favorite show and he quotes it All.  The.  Time!!!  One of the nursery workers told me "Well, I've never seen the actual Nemo show but I see it played out every single week!"  Yep, yep she does.  

Mommy/Micah days at Disney are some of my favorite.  He is still young enough that the magic of Disney impresses him every single time.  
Living away from all of our family is so hard at times but when family happens to be here to visit, we treasure it.  The boys LOVE having their cousins here.  

They left early Saturday morning for Disney and we headed to another Upward Game.  

I don't remember what was so upsetting to him but it was obviously traumatic.  It's hard being 4, ya know?

We played outside one afternoon with our neighbor, Jaxon.  His mom was out of town so we sent her a text.  

Miller stayed with us the day his mom had her wisdom teeth out.  He was impressed with Micah's Del Sol shirt that changes colors when you step into the sun.  

Y'all, parenting an Introvert has been quite a challenge for us.  Micah's speech evaluation was painful for him. He did not want to answer her questions. He sobbed.  He begged us to leave.  It was rough.  
His consolation prize was going to Ms. Louise's house for a little while.  As usual, she had his tray of snacks waiting for him.  She knows his love of fruit and as you can see, she had it full.  Before you think this was a special treat because of his terrible morning at the speech evaluation, but this is typical for every time she knows he is coming.  Can you see why he loves her?
Jonah and Addison went to the Lego Robotics afternoon at the library.  I took them and Jessica picked up Grayson and Micah and met us there. 


It's almost pool time!  These guys are learning how to help Dan take care of it.  

Jonah did a little reading at the salon while Micah got his haircut.  This book was a gift to Micah from Holder and Miller for his birthday.  BOTH boys have loved it.  
If you know me well, then you know I'm not so gifted with telling time on an Analog clock.  I think I missed those explanations in elementary school.  And, in the age of digital clocks and phones with digital clocks, I haven't really felt the need to master that.  But, I regretted that decision when I was volunteering in Jonah's class and his teacher put me at a back table with some of the ESE kids who didn't get it.  Ummm...
That night, we ate a New Orleans style restaurant and fell in love with it.  We've craved New Orleans style food for the entire time we have lived here so we were pretty happy to discover this place.  
Dan went with Jonah's class on their Sea World field trip so I took Micah to Disney for the day.  

And, this happened.  Again, parenting an introvert has been an adjustment for us.  

Dan left early one morning to go to a surgery in Daytona so I was on morning duty alone.  Micah dressed himself.  Yep, with his shorts OVER his pajama pants.  
One of Jonah's teachers made dinner for our family when Dan had surgery.  (Seriously, how kind is that???)  When he was leaving for the school to volunteer that morning, I put her bag with dishes by the door so Dan wouldn't forget it.  Then, after they left, I walked into the kitchen to find this.  Dude stepped over the bag to go out the door.  HA!  For all of his good qualities, attention to detail early in the morning isn't one of them.  :-)

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