Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The business of burying

One of our Adult Sunday School classes invited us to join them tonight to see the movie "Do You Believe?"  They specifically requested Jonah attend so I needed a sitter for Micah.  I called Louise to ask if she could watch him and she happily agreed.  On the way to her house, we passed a cemetery.  We have passed this cemetery numerous times but I guess Micah has never noticed it.  He gasped from the back seat "Look at all of those beautiful flowers in the middle of the grass!"  I explained to him what the cemetery was and that there was a body under each set of those flowers.  He quickly said "Well, Max is old and will die very soon so I want to bury him there!"  I said "Well, most people bury their dog in the back yard so we will probably bury Max in our back yard!"  He said "Great!!  Can we bury Ms. Louise right next to him in our backyard?"

I could hardly wait to see Louise to tell her but before I could get the words out, he was yelling from his car seat "Ms. Louise.  Can we bury you in our back yard?"

I guess that is a sign of true love from him?  If Micah offers to bury you in our back yard, he really does love you!

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