Sunday, November 16, 2014

Micah's 4th birthday celebration at school

If you know Micah at all, then you know he loves fruit.  He could eat fruit for every single meal.  He chooses fruit over cake.  He chooses fruit over pizza.  He chooses fruit over ice cream.  He loves fruit.  So, I decided to take fruit kabobs to school for him rather than cupcakes or cookies.  His school has their own garden and grows their own snacks, so they especially loved this idea.  

I got to his school on Thursday morning and he was on the science porch.  I could tell he didn't feel good as soon as I saw him.  Then, the teacher who works the garden came in to say he was not himself while working out there.  He was just very mellow.  

They finished on the science porch and his class all washed up and headed to the playground to have his birthday treat.  He was very happy to show me every single thing on the playground.  (As if I had never seen it!!!)

This is what he did the entire time they sang to him.  He just sat there with his hands in his mouth and staring.  He smiled only a couple of tiny smiles.  

But, when it was time to eat, that boy chowed down.  He ate his fruit kabob in record time.  One little boy in his class said "Hey, did you forget to bring the cake?"  Ha.  

His teacher offered to take a picture of us and had I looked at this picture, I would have taken him home with me.  I can tell here how bad he feels.  But,  I didn't.  Then I got called two hours later to come get him because he had 101.5 fever. 

This was the last of the birthday celebrations for our 4 year old.  We've had a great week celebrating him and look forward to the year ahead.  (Although, I haven't blogged his actual birthday party!  That is coming!!!)

And, a very special thank you to Micah's "missaweez" for making the kabobs for him.  She washed and cut all of that fruit for her special little boy.  She's a great friend to him and our family!

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