Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Volunteer of the Year

My husband really is a rock star!  He is such a hard working guy who puts 100 % in to whatever he does.  That sometimes annoys me because I want something done quick and he wants it done correct. Ahem.  But, that is what makes him a success in most everything he does.  That has followed him in his jobs, academics, hobbies and now in his volunteer role at Jonah's school.  

I got these pictures via text from the Office Administrator at his school today. The text said "VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR!"  The office called Jonah out of class so he could help present the award to Dan.  I love that they did that.  It's a big deal to Jonah.   

Dan was there to volunteer this morning when they let him know he won.  He volunteers every Wednesday morning when he drops Jonah off for school and usually every Friday too.  His first job was when Jonah was in Kindergarten.  He helped in his classroom.  Then, in First grade, he was in Jonah's classroom one day when his teacher had a tech problem that Dan was able to fix.  The word quickly spread and he became the official tech guy of first grade.  Anytime there was a computer issue, they called him.  It didn't take long for that word to spread and soon he started getting calls from other grades.  

Now, he is the official tech guy.  Well, actually he is the un-official tech guy.  The school district has a whole tech department but they are so backlogged that it takes weeks to have tech requests answered.   So, Dan does a lot of plugging/unplugging, connecting cables, changing resolution, googling issues and switching out computer parts.  But, those simple things get classrooms up and running again so even though a lot of it is very simple, it is a huge help to teachers who are doing an awesome job molding and shaping minds.  

We love Jonah's school and consider it a great privilege to be there to support teachers in what they do.  It is great to see our little guy throughout the day and for him to see us serving his school.  But, most of all, it is a great opportunity to be salt and light.  We struggled with the decision of putting Jonah into our Christian school at our church or in public school.  Having him in public school has given us access to so many people that would never step into a church.  We get to form relationships with people that we would never know otherwise.  And, I'll tell you, there have been some sweet things come from that.  

I'm super proud of my husband.  He works a full-time job and on his day off sacrifices so much time. He doesn't do it for the recognition but it is always nice to be recognized.  He is embarrassed by the attention of it all but that just further proves my point of who he is.  He's a good guy.  I'm glad he's mine!  :-)

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