Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Morning at the Park

 Dan had a funeral last Saturday morning so the boys and I picked up Donuts and headed to the playground.  If my kids could choose any special treat for breakfast, it is always Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts.  We grabbed those from the drive-thru then set off for a full morning of fun.  

 It was cool when we left home so we capitalized on wearing jeans and long sleeves.  We regretted that decision by 10:00 that morning.  It got hot!  But, the kids didn't mind.  They were happy to play regardless of the sweat rolling down their faces.  

 After playing for awhile, they stopped for a few Munchkins.  You can buy them in a box of 25 or 50. We always buy the box of 50 so they can have them for breakfast for a few mornings.  

 You can see the playground was basically empty while we were there.  A family with 3 kids came for a while while we were there but they didn't stay long.  The oldest child informed me that his mother "always comes here when she needs to make phone calls that she doesn't want us to hear!"  

It was a really fun morning with these two boys.  Unfortunately, the fun ended there because we left and hit 6 different stores for a pair of church shoes for Jonah.  Every single place was out of his size.  At one point, one of the kids said "this is the least amount of fun we have ever had!"  I had to agree.  Going in and out of 6 stores with no success is no way to spend the morning.  At least we started well.  

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