Friday, August 1, 2014

The end of summer blues

Man, it is not a good night to be at our house.  We had plans to go tubing today and hit a Disney water park tomorrow.  We've been excited about this all week.  Over a month ago, Dan came down with a significant case of pneumonia that knocked him for a loop.  Then, VBS came.  I got sick that week and ended up seeing the doctor the next week.  So, for most of the month of July, we haven't been able to do anything fun as a family.  We could hardly wait for this weekend so we could remedy that.  Then, the boys started feeling bad last night.  

We made the decision to go to the doctor this morning rather than tubing.  We knew they would tell us there was nothing wrong because that is our trend there.  We think they are sick and we go pay our $25 copay to be told there is actually no ear infection/sickness/etc.  We usually leave feeling like hypochondriacs.  We felt sure it would be like that again today but we wanted to be sure.  Except, it wasn't like that at all. 

We were glad our favorite doctor, Dr. Alber was there today.  He is truly amazing with the kids and such a good doctor.  He's actually so good that I told Dan I'd like to start driving to Lake Mary just to see him.  Anyway, back to the boys.  He checked Jonah first.  Jonah's ears were clear.  But, he had a nice case of walking pneumonia.  WHAT? 

He checked Micah next and his ears were clear also but he couldn't be outdone by his big brother so he he got the same diagnosis.  So, if you are taking note, that is three cases of pneumonia in less than a month.  Add my case of bronchitis and you can imagine that we've had our share of co-pays, prescription drugs, breathing treatments and lots of liquids. 

Fortunately, neither of them feel really bad.  They don't have a ton of energy and they have a deep cough that sounds worse than it feels.  But, they are contagious so we are stuck at home.  No water park for us tomorrow.  No church on Sunday.  And, no back to school trip with "Misaweez" on Monday.  We were headed to Palm Beach for a few days to take in some of the sights there like The Lion Country Safari, The Science Center and a Pirate Cruise.  Fortunately, the kids didn't really even know about that.  So, they aren't so disappointed.  (I can't say the same for me or Weez!)

As I write this, I'm laying in my bed watching a documentary on The White House.  Dan is watching old school Popeye with the boys.  Our weekend certainly looks different than we planned it to look but maybe it was just God's way of slowing us down.  We will spend a few days at home.  I'm sad to miss church Sunday.  Dr. Alber said the kids would probably be fine after 48 hours on antibiotics but they didn't start until late this afternoon, so we don't want to risk getting any other kiddos sick right before school starts back.  Unfortunately, Dan's day Sunday is one of the longest in recent memory.  So, when we tell him goodbye Sunday morning, the boys won't see him again until Monday.  

I have a feeling the next few days will be filled with board games, movies, art projects and lots of snuggles.  That actually doesn't sound so bad...

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