Tuesday, August 12, 2014

#glenngangsummer2014- Week 8 & 9

Day 50
Sickly kids = Lazy day at home with lots of games/electronics/toys
Day 51
Another lazy day at home for sick Micah.  This day was full of books/movies/Little People/Snuggles

Day 51
Jonah went to Wonder Works for a SSR book club field trip.  He was the only boy but LOVED it!

Day 52
Skating and then lunch with friends from school
Day 52
Family tennis in the street after church

Day 53
DeLeon Springs State Park for Mommy & Me day with Stetson Baptist Church Children's Ministry

Day 54
(Once again, I accidentally deleted this one from my phone so I had to embed it from Instagram)
Both boys diagnosed with Pneumonia.  AAUGH!!!

Day 55
Books and Toys in their rooms and Family Game night!

Day 56
The boys were sick so we did church at home.  Then, Louise risked their germs and invited us over for a yummy chicken dinner!

Day 57
Orlando Science Center
4 Rivers BBQ for lunch and dessert
Wii with daddy and board games with mommy

Day 58
Pirate Cruise in St. Augustine with Weez
Day 59
Disney Waterpark with the Schacters
Day 60
A FULL pool day
Day 61

Day 62
Dimuro Sunday School class party complete with fun in the pool, turtles and wagon rides

Day 63
Jonah spent the day at the farm with the Barker family.  Micah got to be an only child with all the board games he wanted to play.  Then, Jonah ended another night up past 10 reading.  

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