Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I've never enjoyed a summer vacation as much as I have this one.  My kids have not said they were bored one time!  It is late in the day most days before I ever touch my computer the first time.  They have been new places, tried new foods, seen new movies and taken new adventures.  It has been great.  It has also been exhausting.  But, I don't want school to start back.  We still have well over a month but I'm already dreading it.  

This week has been a little different because Dan is home sick with Pneumonia and an ear infection.  He feels terrible.  I've tried to be a little more available to him rather than being out and about.  So, our game plan for tomorrow is still up in the air.  

Late last week, I figured out a way for us to take a trip home.  It came after Jonah asked if we could cancel his birthday party and go to Vidalia instead.  So, after getting everything settled, I came to the conclusion that while it all worked on paper, it just wasn't feasible.  Dan couldn't go with us.  Driving added time to the front and back of the trip which limited our time there which in turn make it very difficult to give everyone the time they would expect.  It was causing stress and the trip was still almost a month away.  I was dreading telling Jonah but then the night before I had to tell him, I found out a friend from Vidalia is coming to visit so that was a HUGE benefit!

So, I've spent the day working out the details for an 8th birthday party for my little guy after canceling the previously planned party.  Do I sound fickle or what?  Honestly, it has been a bit of a whirlwind dealing with all of it but I feel so much more at peace now that the final decision is made.  I just need to save Frequent Flier miles for a trip home.  Dan's graduation did us in with miles.  But, I'm grateful we had them for the 6 round trips that cost us ZERO!

I've had a few projects going this summer and I'm waiting for things to arrive to finish one of them.  We made the huge mistake of buying patio furniture with deep seating cushions.  Those things are SO expensive and they aren't in excess!  But, now that places are putting them on clearance, I've been on the prowl.  The problem is that I need 8 of the exact size/color cushion.  When you are dealing with clearance items, that is difficult to do.  But, I finally found 6 yellow cushions.  My goal was NOT yellow but I had to have something.  So, I ordered those with a navy/white chevron rug for out there.  So, I'm thinking it is going to look so different than what I originally planned but anything will be a step up.  After that arrives, I'll add some more pots full of colorful plants.  

Pictures to come...

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