Friday, June 20, 2014

Meanwhile, back in December...

There was a Sunday in December that our children's choir sang in the services.  It was so sweet and they did so good.  And, it was on this day that we realized Jonah is quite the performer.  Micah came in to watch his "brover Jonah!" 
Since the sang in both services, he stood in a different place each time.  He sang out in the first service and do well.  But, in the second service, dude threw his leg out and did some straight up dancing.  I was blown away.  Who knew he had it in him? 

And, in both services, the Personnel Committee presented Dan with some gifts in advance of his graduation that was happening the next weekend.  We were both certainly surprised in the first service.  There were such sweet words said to us.  It was very kind. 

The second service came and Jonah came right out of his shell.  I wish you all could have seen it. 

At that time, Betty Teramo was chair of the Personnel Committee.  She is the one who made the presentations that day.  It also happened to be her last Sunday at our church.  She was moving 3 hours away.  We were so sad and still miss them so much!

As you can see, it was a long Sunday for these two.  They look rough by the end of that day. 

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