Saturday, May 31, 2014

iphone dump

 A few weeks ago, we pulled into our garage and noticed our neighbors outside playing.  We tossed the bedtime ritual and spent a couple of hours outside with them.  I'm a big fan of neighborhood life. 
 I was looking through pictures for our 15th anniversary and came across this old picture of us with one of our students from Harmony.  I snapped a photo of it to send to her.  It makes me laugh that many of my old photos involved overalls. 
 In order to avoid the lights going off one night, Micah asked me to take his picture.  He certainly has smiling eyes. 
 In a quest to find more pictures for an anniversary post, I snapped a photo of me with Mac Daddy cool.  He was laid out.  This was from Kathy's wedding just 6 months before ours. 

 And, then ours...
 I took a pic of my computer screen so I would have a record of the 2014-15 Sunshine State Readers. 
 We took a little anniversary trip to Sarasota/Siesta Key a couple of weeks ago.  We had high hopes for a big trip but then we had an opportunity to pay off our student loans.  So, we did an inexpensive trip using hotel points and PAID OFF OUR STUDENT LOANS the very next week.  Can I tell you what an amazing feeling that is?  When we married, we had over $45,000 in loans between the two of us.  Then, we added a Master's Degree and a Doctorate for Dan.  We paid cash for both of those as we went so we never added to the loan amount but we didn't make huge strides towards paying them off.  But, after I paid off my car 3 or 4 years ago, we started plugging away at them.  Then, when Dan graduated and we had no more education costs, we put every dime towards paying them off.  And, we did.  What a great feeling!!!

Anyway, back to our little getaway.  We have a few selfies to document the trip. 
 It was windy.  VERY WINDY.  Like, over the top WINDY!  I kept taking pictures of my hair because it was so funny to me. 

 Needless to say, I'm a girl with bad hair and wind makes that bad hair worse. 

 We spent most of the day on Friday at Siesta Key beach.  The wind was crazy again.  We were freezing.  Nothing like cold days on the beach in mid-May. 
 Our friends, Betty and Frank Teramo, who have recently moved away from DeLand, drove over to meet us in Venice.  We were so excited to spend time with them.  Dan even ate octopus. 

 We enlisted him to take a photo of Betty and me.  He isn't the skilled photog that I expected.

 We finished off our evening with dessert at The Melting Pot.  They have a new Salted Caramel fondue.  I'm a fan. 

 That was at the table next to us so I pretended it was for us since no one ever sat down there. 
 On our way back to DeLand, we pulled up our Disney app and schedule 3 fast passes for Hollywood Studios.  We were there a short time and rode our favorite rides with no waits.  That's the way to do Disney. 

 We had a Business Meeting a few weeks ago that was going to be a long discussion about a stewardship campaign.  I took electronics for the kids and put them in the game room next to us.  They were completely content. 

 I had this picture on my camera from Easter and wanted to do a little comparison from Micah and Miller's first Easter to the most recent one.  So, I emailed it myself so I could do a collage.  Those two...

 I ran to Home Depot last week and parked right next to our friend Dave.  His wife is one of my great friends.  She was teaching that day so I sent her this picture to say how much we missed her. 
 A good reminder for me...
 Jonah's Odyssey of The Mind team had an end of the year swim party.  These boys had a great time together!!
 Jonah had crazy sock day the next day.  These are the only crazy socks we have.  (Jonah isn't really the kid that seeks out "crazy"!)  These are actually adult socks but we convinced him to wear them.  We rolled them down to right under the knee but when he got in the car, he pulled them all the way up.  They look like tights. 
 Micah's devotion was about pets one night.  We invited Max to join us on the bed for that one. 
 Jonah's favorite book ever as a little guy was Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  I found these prints in a photo box.  I'm glad I have them for the memory. 

 My kids love board games.  They would choose board games over most any other activity we do.  (Probably even more than going to Disney!!!)

 The kids did a little craft last weekend.  Colton (who is 6 months younger than Micah) is on top.  He's quite the artist.  Micah looks like he needs anger management. 
 Micah and his friend Isaac right before Isaac's birthday party! 
 We got to meet up with one of our former students from Harmony last week.  It's odd to hang out with students who have kids the same age as ours.  We have kids in preschool and other friends we graduated with have kids graduating from High School.  Kelly is much younger than us so that is crazy to see our kids play together. 
 Micah enjoyed himself that day but he was TIRED!  SO TIRED!!!
 We came home and let them swim for a while.  Micah has turned into a great little swimmer.  It is fun to watch him swim to Jonah and for Jonah to give him instructions. 
 Fun reading in the car. 
 4 Rivers BBQ on Memorial Day.  YUMMY!!!  (After the day at the water park!!)

 Sweet brotherly moment. 

 Timehop reminded me of Dr. Spivey being here on Memorial Day last year.  What a great man. 
 Tuesday of last week found us at the School Board for Jonah to receive an award. 

 Our friend Mike is the attorney for the school district.  We convinced Jonah he was the boss of the school district.  We took a picture with him and then Dan realized his hand was on his hip like a high school girl.  We all laughed.  (then took a retake!)

 Timehop also reminded me of Memorial Day when Jonah was a baby.  He had his first rib.  He loved his first rib. 
For His name...
I keep reminding myself of this. 
It's all for His name. 

 Dusty, the youth pastor posted at our last church posted this on his FB last week.  I took a screen shot because it was a reminder straight from God for me.  I won't go into the details here but there have been some big things going on in our lives and this one post spoke volumes.  It was the picture of our sanctuary there and his words that really brought me a little perspective.  I'm grateful for that. 
 Devotions around our house lately have been really sweet.  My favorite nights are when Jonah reads to all of us. 

 I've been filling our afternoons with play dates for Jonah.  Now that homework, testing and educational goals have died down, he can finally spend the afternoons having fun. 

 Last Wednesday was twin day at school.  Jonah and Logan realized they had the same shirt from Gymboree and decided to wear it then told their moms.  Cute!

Before we went to get Jonah from school yesterday, we grabbed sleepy toys since we knew we would be driving home late at night.  Micah thought he was hot stuff because he had both of their sleepy toys.  Lammy and Froggy kissed each other on the ride. 

As you can see, Micah hates thrill rides.  And, by hates, I mean really, really LOVES them. 

 We have had many days at Disney over the last 7 years.  But, few rival the day we had yesterday.  We got there at 7:20 and stayed until midnight.  Other than waiting in line for the new 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, we walked on to every other ride.  We counted on the way home and discovered that in 4.5 hours, we rode 16 rides and that was with a 45 minute wait for 7DMT.  That is insane.  The weather was perfect.  Our kids were excellent.  It was so fun.  And, how many times can you ride Dumbo without getting off and watch the fireworks as you circle? 

 See that clock?  MIDNIGHT!!!!  We joked all the way down that we would stay until midnight but never have even come close with the kids.  They were so wonderful.  The didn't whine, cry or pout.  They didn't ask to be carried or held.  They took turns in the stroller and had a great night.  It was so much fun. 

 We stayed to watch the closing castle show/announcement.  In all of our time at Disney, neither of us have ever seen or heard that.  It actually made me a little teary.  I don't know if that was exhaustion or what but it was so sweet. 

 By the time we got back to our car, stopped for drinks for the hour ride home, it was 12:40 before we hit the Interstate.  This is how the kids looked. 

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Fun pics and stories. I want to do Disney with you and your boys sometime. :)


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