Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our first family cruise!

We are back home after a wonderful 4 night cruise to the Bahamas.  I'd love to tell you all about the Bahamas but we didn't really see much of them.  We were totally rained out in Nassau.  Well, we did have enough sunshine to convince us a horse drawn carriage ride would be fun.  But, two streets later, a blinding rain came and we were soaked.  And, when I say soaked, I mean that I could not have been any more wet if I had jumped into a swimming pool.  We asked the guy to end the tour and take us back.  The 3 hour carriage ride lasted a good 10 minutes.  Their rate per minute was probably the most they have ever made!  Thank you, crazy rain!

Then, in Freeport, Dan got some crazy idea to go rogue and almost got us killed by militant Bahamian locals.  (The last part only happened in my head.  But, don't think I wasn't convinced we were going to die. )  Honestly, if I could give you a picture of what we experienced, you would question our sanity.  All in the name of saving money.  There is a reason people tell you to only purchase excursions through the cruise company.  I'll leave it at that but let me just say, after we were back to the boat and still alive along with both of our children, I told Dan "you never would have heard the end of this if it went like I was picturing it was about to go."   Then, as I told him I was vaguely writing about this, he said "when we were about to turn at the beach and I saw all of the cops and all of the people in the road, I knew things were about to get bad!" 

Between that and my encounter with border patrol agents today, we are just really glad to be home!!

(Does that leave you hungry for me to blog soon???)

(Don't worry, I'll be back soon.)

(Assuming Border Patrol did not erase all the photos on my camera.)

(In that case, I'd be too depressed to ever blog about this trip!!!)

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