Friday, March 21, 2014

February iPhone dump

Our friend Jessica is on bed rest until her baby boy is born.  She has different people coming every day to stay with she and Eli since she can't do much these days.  Micah and I have spent a few days with them.  They are one year and one week apart. 
Micah is always enamored with his red Chuck's.  He makes sure everyone "sees my red shoes!"

I spent the night before Valentine's Day getting treats ready for both boy's classrooms.  I had some extra so I made a bad of treats for Dan to take to work.  I giggled as he walked out the door with his bag of goodies for his friends. 

Some of the best days are spent snuggled up in Mommy and Daddy's bed watching a movie. 

Micah doesn't go to school on Friday but since Valentine's Day fell on a Friday, he got to go so he could participate in his party.  He sure looked cute!

After we dropped both boys at school, we headed to do a few errands and have breakfast together. 
We picked both boys uf from school then hit I-4 for a visit with our favorite mouse. 

Jonah was excited to ride Expedition Everest for the first time.  (This was obviously a before picture because he was not this excited after the first ride!)

And, Micah ALWAYS loves the teacups.  ALWAYS!

We've been working to get all of the room sin the back of the house rearranged.  We finished right in time for Dan's family to get here for a visit.  This is Jonah's room. 

Stetson University played Ole Miss one weekend.  It was fun to drive by and see this bus. 

I took this picture one night and tweeted that this is one of the best parts of being married.  I hate pumping gas and Dan almost always does it for me!

This picture on my timehop made me so happy.  It is one of favorite pictures of these boys. 

We spent President's Day at Hontoon Island with the boys. 

Our new worship pastor moved in and I spotted these growth measurements on the garage wall.  I took this picture for the previous owners who just so happen to be my friends.  Yeah, this made her cry. 

Micah sure hates waking up every morning but it makes for some good snuggles with him. 

Jonah wasn't so happy to wake up that morning either.  I do love my little sleepy-heads. 
The night our new Worship Pastor moved in was a fun playtime for our boys.  Their three kiddos and ours had a blast that night. 

But, Micah took a tumble and this is what he looked like the next morning. 

On occasion, he finds an old pacifier and attaches himself to it for a couple of hours. 

I took the boys to Disney one night while Dan was doing some things in DeLand.  The LOVED being in the hotel.  We went to Hollywood Studios for a while then grabbed pizza and snacks and had a little slumber party.  It was such a fun night. 

I walked out to check on the boys before going to sleep and found Micah like this!  I called Dan back on Face Time so he could see. 

We got up the next morning and had a yummy hotel breakfast before heading out to meet our family from South Carolina at Downtown Disney.  It was at that breakfast that Micah asked a random man if he was his daddy.  And, it was also the place that Jonah loudly exclaimed "Mommy, thank you for letting us eat today!"  You know, as if we don't eat every day!

We met Doug's family at T-Rex so the boys played in the boneyard while we waited. 

I saved this on my phone so I could send it to Amanda but I just remembered that I never did.  You know how your phone automatically detects a face and suggests who it thinks you should tag?  Mine is almost always right.  Except this time.  This lady was in the background of a pic of my kids but it tried to tag her.  And, my phone thinks she is Amanda.  Yeah, they look NOTHING alike but it makes me laugh!

Jonah had a little science project where he grew mold.  Then he looked at it under his microscope.  And, I was grossed out. 

I've been decorated for Easter since the day after Valentine's Day.  I thought Easter was mid-March.  I was wrong!

Here is the redo of our guest room.  We still have a few things to do but it is mostly done. 

And, here are more pictures from Jonah's room. 

We can't leave Micah's room out of the room reveals. 

Speaking of Micah, here is his self portrait from school.  It seems he has inherited my artistic ability  Bless him. 
Dan had 5 family members fly in for the week.  Micah and I joined them for breakfast at The Sugar Mill.  Yummy!
He got to sleep on a special (borrowed) bed from our friend, Renee.  He loved it!  It was the highlight of his week. 

That Wednesday was Mike's first week as our new Worship Pastor. 

That Friday, we met them at Disney.  It was a little rainy outside but that didn't bother this boy. 
We also met several of our friends from Vidalia.  They had a lunch reservation so we walked up to Hollywood and Vine to get a reservation for the two of us.  I thought Micah would love all of the characters.  Micah did not love any of the characters.  He was actually very unkind to them.  That is so odd for him.  He acted scared to death!

He did not want to be in any pictures unless mommy would be in them with him. 

I think Disney should use the next one for promotional purposes.  Doesn't he look thrilled? 

After breakfast, we got to spend some time with the Randall family.  We were so so so happy to be with them. 

After spending most of the day with them at Hollywood Studios, we headed to Epcot to meet up with friends from Dan's first church in Liberty.  We waited for them on a bench in America while they rode the boat over. 

The boys and I spent the night in a hotel again so we could spend the day with Dan's family at Magic Kingdom the next day.  Dan had to work that day so he couldn't join us.  We had another fun hotel adventure. 

Dan's family started later in the day so we went to Animal Kingdom to hang with the Randall family again. 

We waited outside of the Hall of President's to meet up with Dan's family.  The little one was quite cuddly. 

Micah wasn't quite tall enough to ride Big Thunder Mountain so we watched as Jonah rode with all of them. 

Then, he had the MOST fun riding on Uncle Glenn's shoulders through the park. 

They both enjoyed the fireworks that night.  Like, really, really enjoyed the fireworks.  Look at their faces. 

We decided to drive home that night so we said our goodbyes to Dan's family for the night and headed out of the park.  We stopped to watch one last show.  While standing there, Kassi sent a text for us to come to them at their restaurant.  My boys proceeded to eat their desserts. 

Then, it was time to say goodbye.  And, this one did not take it well.  He LOVES that family so much.  They are so sweet to him.  A kid just knows when he is loved.  And, he had a hard time saying goodbye. 

As you can see, February was a good month.  But, March has been pretty great too!  So, stay tuned....

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