Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scooters Squared

 We now have two scooters at our house.  That is a really big deal.  Little brother has wanted his own scooter for a while.  I was at Target a couple of months ago and spotted this one on clearance for a cool $11.  That's almost free!!!  We told Micah it was his prize for being potty trained.  But, it just got put together yesterday.  YESTERDAY!  Don't judge...we've been busy. 

 This picture would have been better if the Jake shirt were replaced with the Spiderman shirt.  Oh well!  He's still pleased as punch!

 The best part of the whole scooter adventure was seeing Jonah teach Micah to ride.  Oh, so precious!  He was so patient and gentle with him.  Dan and I stood there grinning like fools while watching them.  Being a parent is a really great thing but moments like that seem to take it to another level!

And, now Micah has been reminded that this was a gift for using the potty.  So, don't be surprised if he asks you what kind of present you get for going to poo-poo.  Because, he totally did ask our mailman that exact question.  And, now our mailman avoids eye contact with us.

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