Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ODE to Dan!

If you are one of the fortunate people who have had the privilege of knowing Vera Verdel, then you will especially appreciate this!  If you don't know Vera, then I'm really sorry your have missed out on this wonderful lady.  She is absolutely hilarious and super creative.  She wrote this for Dan's 40th birthday.

Ode to DAN

He came to us with a wonderful voice and lots of ‘guts' - unrehearsed:
As we were walking out for our first Christmas show, he told us that it was his first!

We watched him grow, and, with Nic by his side, he couldn't have asked for more...
I mean, what's not to love about a guy who'd direct you to the wrong ‘bathroom' door!?!

Sometimes his words would get ahead of his brain, and occasionally wind up as ‘toast'...
And, in case you missed it, all was not in vain.  You could catch it on Nicki's post!

They made plans to adopt, and charged on ahead. determined that they were gonna',
But the Lord intervened and said "I've got this!" 
             And the next thing you knew, there was Jonah!

His calling was music, at least so he thought, ‘til he made visits with Bro. Alley,
And realized that his pastoring skills were just too many to tally.

He led us into this incredible ‘thing' (and it only cost $1.6 mil),
But his faith led us on and now, guess what?  We're about to climb over that hill!

It was a sad day when we received the call, saying it was time to move on
But the growth of both Stetson and VFBC has convinced us that God was not wrong!

They moved away but, with the wonders of Facebook, their absence is hard to tell.
They went to join ‘Mickey' and ended up with ‘Micah' and it's obvious that all is well...

We'll sign off for now, and though you are missed, (and a poet I am not),
You'll always be welcomed at the ‘Verdel pool' when you come visit ‘Beera' and ‘Ott'!

So, have a ‘grrrreat' birthday, Dr. Dan, with more joy than you can possibly log, 
But, lest you forget your Louisiana friends, that was a ‘Tiger' growl, not a ‘Bulldog'!

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