Friday, February 7, 2014

Jonah's Fun Spot money!

Since September, Jonah has been saving money to go to Fun Spot in Orlando.  It is an amusement park type place.  We told him that we have Disney passes so we won't go there.  But, if he wants to save his money and pay for him and one parent, then he can go.  He has passed up toys and experiences all with the goal of putting all of that money towards a Fun Spot trip.  He is just $2 dollars away from his goal.  

Earlier this week, I asked him what he wanted to give Dan for his birthday.  You should know that we have spent over $1,000 in car repairs lately and now Dan's air is completely out in his car.  With the air, there is another $1,500 needed in repairs.  So, we have spent the last week researching and negotiating a new car for him.  So, in my conversation with Jonah about Dan's birthday, I was so surprised when he said "Well, I know he has been saving money for a new car so maybe I could give him my Fun Spot money!"

So precious!  That sweet boy was going to give all of his Fun Spot money to his daddy for his car!

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Cathi said...

Jonah is the most tender hearted child I've ever known! What an amazing little guy he is to his special parents and little brother.

On another note - I HIGHLY recommend Dan taking Jeff with him to his car deal. Dan can introduce Jeff and then walk out of the room and leave it to Jeff. He'll get Dan the price he wants...and then some! It's too embarrasing to watch but works every time. Good luck!


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