Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just a little update

It is a chilly Florida morning.  I'm sitting by the fire in the living room while the boys play together on the iPad and Kindle in Jonah's room.  We are trying to be quiet so Dan can sleep.  He has had one of those weeks where he was home only to sleep.  He had many late nights, lots of phone calls, many meetings and limited family time.  Some weeks are busier than others and this is just one of those times.  

We were going to go to Disney today but Jonah doesn't feel great and Dan needs to conserve all the energy he has for tomorrow.  He got a text from our Interim Worship Pastor that he has the flu and won't be there tomorrow.  Typically that would not be a problem because Dan would just have Jon preach and he would move to the music side.  Or, he would have Kevin lead worship and he would preach.  Well, Jon is with our students at Passion in Atlanta.  And, Kevin is sick.  He called our back up guys who come in to lead when we need someone.  They are all unavailable.  So, he has to do it all tomorrow.  He will lead worship and preach.  He will be dead by the time 12 noon rolls around.  DEAD!  But, he has meetings all afternoon and then an event at the church tomorrow night.  

I'm grateful God has gifted him for times like these but it sure is exhausting for him.  I'm already praying that God will equip and energize him for the day that is ahead of him.  So, all the more reason I'm keeping the house super quiet at 10:00 a.m. for him to sleep.  I sort of feel like a super hero because a quiet house on a Saturday morning with two boys is kind of incredible!  (Not to mention the roast that is already in the crock pot cooking!)

The big family news for the week is that I booked a family vacation for Spring Break.  If you lived with us, you would know that I plan SO many vacations that we never take.  I find the perfect vacation then I start reading reviews and determine that it wouldn't be worth the risk or that it cost too much money or that we really need to save money or that we shouldn't be out of town.  I said all of those things this time but took the plunge.  We haven't told the kids yet and we may decide to surprise them.  I like the surprise idea because that is just fun but I also like it because we've disappointed them (especially Jonah) several times in the past because of church related things that come up.  So, I'm not sure.  We bought trip insurance just in case but I'm so hopeful that it will all go as planned.  And, I'm hopeful that the boy's passports will come in well in advance.  But, that would probably require me actually getting the passport applications and photo done.  (Note to self:  Go pick up Passport application!)

Our kids are both growing and learning so much.  Jonah struggles with focus at school (well, actually everywhere) and that gets him into a little trouble.  I've been so concerned about it and it has caused us some real issues but his last report card came home this week again with all A's and all positive marks in all other areas.  He's a good boy and definitely needs to work on some things but I think the bar has been raised for him to be perfect and that isn't fair to him.  It's a struggle that we are all working on.  We want him to be his best but not at the risk of losing his identity and all of life being a struggle because of such high expectations.  I could write a novel on some of the things we have dealt with this year but it won't help anyone because it is full of observations and questions and no concrete answers.  

He is still a champion reader.  He just tested on a 14 point Reading Counts book this week that we later discovered was a 6th grade reading level.  He soared through it.  If given the choice, he would most always choose TV, the Wii, playing, etc over reading so we have to tell him it is time to read but once he picks up the book, he is sucked in and usually doesn't want to stop.  Being in the top 5 of his class for Reading Counts was not at all his goal this year.  (Or ours!)  Instead, his goal is the number of words he reads.  He is over half way to his goal and has plenty of time to make it there.  

Micah has had a banner couple of weeks.  The little boy who would not eat anything outside of fruit, PB&J, pizza, yogurt and chicken nuggets has now eaten Macaroni & Cheese, spaghetti, brisket, pulled pork, spaghetti, a noodle and 2 field peas!  If you have never had a child who won't eat, then you don't get these victories.  But, the night he ate the 2 field peas and 1 stroganoff noodle without gagging, I literally teared up.  The strides we have made the last two weeks in food give me hope that he won't need packets of baby food sent to college with him.  

And, he has finally decided to use the potty!  On the potty front, I think it was less about him and more about us.  We never took the time to train him.  Our lives have been so busy and each day looked different from the next.  I knew we needed a few days at home and that is seriously all it took.  Once we decided to just stay home for 3 days, it happened.  If he would have been in school full time, it would have happened a year ago.  But, we are here now and I'm glad for that too.  His room no longer has a changing mat or baby wipes.  He trained a whole year later than Jonah.  And, once again, our kids proved the idea of being ready makes it so much easier.  We have had only two poop accidents and one tee-tee accident and they were both at home.  Hopefully we will have this completely behind us by the end of the week.

I'm busy writing thank you notes for Christmas, my birthday and graduation.  Those 3 events hit us at once so I'm very behind.  But, in the midst of writing them this week, I checked the mail and these two photos arrived from NOBTS.   I'm most grateful that this is behind us.  But, probably not as grateful as Dan!

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