Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dan's D.Min Graduation- Part One

 Yesterday morning, we checked Jonah out of school at 11:00 and went straight to the airport for a flight to New Orleans.  Both boys were super excited to fly.  We had so much luggage that Dan dropped the three of us at the airport so we could check our bags curbside while he went to park.  We made our way though security and waited in our terminal for him.  They watched every tram for him and then ran to him as soon as they spotted him. 

 We had a quick lunch then had a few minutes to wait for our flight.  We brought an electronic item for each of the boys to help them pass the time. 

 They were excellent on the flight.  We got lots of comments about them from various people.  That always makes you feel good.  Every now and then, Micah would burst into song and he only knows one volume when singing...LOUD!  There were several Pharmacy students returning from a convention on our flight.  They were seated all around us.  They laughed and laughed at him.  

Before leaving school, Jonah's teacher told him to take lots of pictures to text to her.  They overheard us talking about that and invited Jonah to the cockpit. 

 Dan and Jonah took off for the Rental Car place while Micah and I gathered luggage.  It was then that he realized we weren't actually going to Disney.  It didn't stop him from singing Disney songs At. The. Top. Of. His. Lungs!
 We got checked into our hotel and unpacked then went for dinner at our NOLA favorite...Dragos!  Until my last trip there, I had never eaten an oyster.  But, their chargrilled oysters are amazing.  I'm a fan!  We told Jonah they were good but he wanted nothing to do with them.  But, he is saving money and hoping to get to $79 but only has $51.  So, I made a deal that for every new food he tries and swallows a bite of, (while in New Orleans) I would give him $1.  If he spits it out, it doesn't count. 

 They came to the table and they looked amazing!  Jonah, wasn't so sure!

 Would you believe that kid loved them?  He ate 3!!!!  He would have eaten more had we not beat him to them!  He also tried eggplant but he did not like that.  He didn't try the shrimp and grits.  He was saving shrimp to tried fried shrimp. 

 While we are in NOLA, he has some make-up work to do for school and has to read every day.  His friend Megan let him borrow this book and he loves it!  He read this morning while we got ready to go out for the day. 

 Micah, as you know, is a champion sleeper...except when we are out of town.  The poor guy was up until after 10 last night then awake at 6 this morning.  So, when we got to breakfast, he could barely hold his head up!  He rested while Dan and Jonah played Rock, Paper, Scissors!

 Back in October, Jonah read a book about Hurricane Katrina.  He has since been intrigued with all things New Orleans.  One of his must sees on this trip was the Super Dome.  We took him there first thing this morning!
 We then bought tickets for the hop-on/hop-off Double Decker tour bus.  This made the boys very happy!  We even sat up top with them.  (It was TOO cold to be up top!)

 One of our first hop-offs was to see one of the cemeteries.  Jonah was so interested and confused by this. 

 The pyramid is the future grave of Nicholas Cage. 

 We took the ferry ride just so the kids could see New Orleans from the opposite banks. 

 And, no trip to New Orleans would be complete for our family without a trip to the place where Dan proposed to me.  It sure was interesting to take a picture of our boys in the exact spot where he got down on a knee to ask me to be his wife.  And, there was no saxaphone player there to make it more meaningful!

 We had lunch at one of Dan's favorites...Cafe Maspero!  We ended up meeting a couple at the table next to us who are here for graduation also.  He is a pastor in Alabama and just finished his D. Min also. 

 While we waited for the next place to hop on the red bus, the boys got comfortable.  They were "sooooo tired!"
 We got in the car a bit later and Micah was out QUICK.  He slept for over an hour.  Poor guy!  He can't miss too much sleep without it affecting him!
 We heard such great things about the lights at City Park.  We drove over then realized it was definitely something to do with the big group coming tomorrow.  So, we left then text them to tell them to all check it out online. 

 We made a stop at toy store so the boys could look around a play for a bit.  There were lots of fun things in there that they would have loved but since we flew, we couldn't buy anything.  Fortunately, they haven't learned that you can ship things home!

 We ended our night at a nice French bakery!  The boys endured dinner so they could choose dessert from the case. 

 We came home, got baths, read books and everyone is out by 9:30 p.m.  Well, everyone but me!  The boys are already exhausted and no guests are even here yet.  We are hopeful they will sleep a bit in the morning just to help them endure the craziness of tomorrow.  16 more people will join us over the course of the day with the rest coming in on Saturday!   We are just a tad bit excited!

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