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2013 Thanksgiving trip- The beginning

 I've never really considered ourselves to be spontaneous people.  I'm a planner.  But, we totally just took a semi-spontaneous trip to the mountains.  We've spent the last to Thanksgiving holidays in South Carolina and North Carolina and we loved it.  We were really hopeful to go again.  But, with a graduation trip to New Orleans, it wasn't a priority for us this year.  But, just one week before Thanksgiving, we found out some of Dan's family would be in the same place we were last year.  That means they were only 8 hours away.  It sounds crazy to think that 8 hours seems close but when you are so far from your family, an 8 hour drive doesn't seem that bad.  

We started looking for cabins near his family and found a couple for a really good price.  We have friends from here who just bought a house there.  So, we called to see if we could see them on the way in or out.  It turns out that they were planning to be in DeLand and offered their house to us that week.  We tried to decline but they wouldn't let us.  So, we accepted their kindness and headed out at 9:30 p.m. on the Monday before Thanksgiving.  The weather was supposed to be really bad the next day so we wanted to get a head start on the travel.  We put the boys in their pajamas, gave them their sleepy toys and off we went!
 Our first stop was just a couple of miles away.  We had to drop Max off with Ms. Dottie.  Unfortunately, we didn't prepare Micah for this.  He cried his eyes out.  It was so sad. 

 We hoped to drive 4 hours but after about 2 hours, Dan was tired and so was I.  We started looking for a place to stop for the night.  I used my iPad to make a reservation using one of our free nights.  GPS put us there at 12:30 a.m.  Micah hung on but only lasted until midnight. 
 We took our overnight bags into the hotel and got checked in while Dan parked the car.  I laid Micah on the couch and he didn't move.  Dude was tired!!

 The boys slept together that night and were so sweet.  Something about my boys in the same bed just melts me. 
 They woke up in great moods.  They were so happy and excited about seeing the mountains. 

 The next picture I will show you is after we got to Jerry & Roxanne's house.  But, oh so much happened before we ever got there.  We left the house and started our journey.  We stopped for a late lunch and before we got out of the car, Micah started throwing up.  It was all over him, his car seat, his toys.  EVERY WHERE! 

We debated whether or not to turn around and go home.  But, we were closer to their house than we were our house.  So, we watched him for a while and decided that he seemed okay. So, we fed him a small lunch and took off again.  He was fine.  We stopped a couple of hours from their house at a Target.  We needed some winter type clothes and a few other things for week.  After Target, we stopped at Chickfila.  The boys played and had a great time.  In the middle of the meal, Micah said "I so sick!"  Something just looked off.  I asked for a cup from the counter...just in case.  

We got in the car and off we went.  Right before hitting Blood Mountain, Micah got sick again.  In.  The.  Car.  Oh my word!  I grabbed the cup and was able to catch a lot of it.  But, we were blazing down the interstate.  IN.  THE.  RAIN!  Dan tried to pull over but couldn't find a spot.  I was stretched out across the car catching the vomit.  It was one of those beautiful moments that no one tells you about when you dream of having kids.  

We finally got pulled over and got him cleaned up.  It was pouring rain.  We were soaked from cleaning him and the car.  And, it was cold.  Did I mention how joyous it was?  By this point, we were sure we had made the wrong decision and should have stayed home.  We didn't want to take virus germs into their brand new (seriously, they lived there for 3 weeks!!) house but they assured us that was fine.  We stopped to buy Lysol before getting there!  But, we finally made it!  We went right inside and took showers. 

 When we woke up the next morning, this was our view!  Yeah, we don't blame them for moving there. 

 Jonah decided to go outside to see what 17 degrees feels like.  He quickly discovered that wasn't something he needed to experience for very long!

 I was able to curl up in Roxanne's recliner and read a good book by Karen Kingsbury. 
 We filled a Rubbermaid bin with Imaginext toys and they kept the kids entertained the whole week.  They love those things!

 Jonah got a little reading done while he was there.  He usually loves to read but he kept getting distracted that day.  There was so much to see and do. 
 We needed to make a trip to the store so we put the boys in their hats and gloves.  Poor Micah didn't even have a coat.  We are definitely not cold weather people anymore!

 Isn't their home beautiful?  We loved it! 

 We had a festive meal at Waffle House that night.  Micah decided he was a fan of waffles and raisin toast.  We can add two more things to the VERY few items he likes. 
 When we got back to the house, they played their little hearts out with the Imaginext toys.  I'm so glad Dan grabbed them before we left. 

 Since Micah had been sick, we each slept with a different kid.  We were afraid of them sleeping together and one of them getting sick in the middle of the night.  Micah slept with me and happily woke me up before the sun rose.  I almost encouraged him to go back to sleep but I remembered Jerry telling me about the beautiful sunrises.  So, we jumped up and went into the living room to see the sun rise.  We had to wait a little while for it. 

 The worst part of Micah being sick was the possibility of not seeing Dan's family.  The only reason we made the trip was to spend time with them and when Micah got sick, that was in jeopardy.  The told us to see how he was the morning of Thanksgiving and then make a call.  Fortunately, he woke up feeling great so we got dressed and got excited about being with all of them.

 We drove about 40 minutes to the cabin they rented in Murphy.  Aunt Susan needed a centerpiece for the table so she sent my guys out to find some things.  Micah didn't have a jacket so Ashley let him borrow her sweatshirt.  How stinkin' cute is he??

Stay tuned for Thanksgiving day with the family...

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