Saturday, November 2, 2013


We've all seen people write "ROFL" after something funny.  Well, my little Micah is pretty literal when it comes to this.  I'm not even kidding when I tell you that he got so tickled last night that fell on the ground and started rolling around as he laughed.  

Y'all...this kid is a riot!  I can't quit laughing at him.  He says and does the funniest things.  He has the best sense of humor.  His laugh is contagious!  He mocks people and as bad as I try to not laugh, I can't help it.  There is nothing like saying something from the front seat and hearing a little 2 year old voice repeat it back in the same tone and pitch.  I must get video of this soon!

My mom, like other mothers through the years, always said "I hope your kids are 10 times worse than you!"  With this one, I think that wish is coming true!  Every silly thing I've ever done, every practical joke I ever played and every mocking word I've ever said is coming back to haunt me.  AND.  HE.  IS.  ONLY.  2.  YEARS.  OLD!!!!!

Y'all if he ever hears about the time I called a Realtor to put my 75 year old neighbor's house up for sale, I'm in big trouble.  I was in 4th grade then.  I think he could pull it off at 2!

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