Monday, November 18, 2013

Micah's 3rd Birthday Party

8 days after his big day, we celebrated Micah's third birthday with a party at The Little Gym.  He was so excited about his Mike Wazowski party...except, it wasn't a Mike Wazowski party.  It was just a party at The Little Gym.  But, for a week he talked about "my Mike Wazowski party!"  He even said it a few times on the way to the party.  Fortunately, he is three and forgot as soon as he saw all the fun things that were there. 

Another fun part of the party was sharing it with our little friend, Eli!  Eli is one year and one week younger than Micah.  They share all the same friends at the church nursery.  So, we decided to combine their parties to save all of those people from having to attend two different parties.  I think they would have been more excited about that option had we not scheduled it at 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon!  Whew...that was a rough time for little ones who go to church and need to nap!

Our friend, Ginny Beth from church made these awesome cupcakes.  They were so yummy!  Seriously, the best icing EVER! 

The Little Gym was a really fun place to have a party.  They had lots of time for free play at the beginning of the party and then did some organized stuff in the middle.  It was fun...and a little chaotic. 

While one group activity was going on, Aja and I looked up to see our two fully participating.  Or, not so much! 

The bubbles were the main hit of the party.  We could have saved a lot of money by just having a ton of bubbles for kids!

This next progression of pictures make me so happy as a mom.  I love that my boys love each other. 

After a good bit of play time, it was time to move into the party room for cupcakes and The Happy Birthday song.  Micah led the way.  That boy was "ready to eat!"
He was joined by Eli and Willow. 
We sang to Eli first.  He wasn't so sure about the whole singing thing.  He just wanted to eat that cupcake!
Micah was a little tentative until Dan tickled him.  Then, he was all about it. 

Rather than gifts for the boys, we asked friends to bring an toy for local charities and our church nursery.  We're excited about giving these away!

I would write something sweet about these two guys but they are goobers and I'll leave it at that!  (actually, they are great husbands, dads and ministers and I'm blessed by both of them!)

This is the most awful picture but so hilarious to me.  These three are just weeks apart.  They have been together in the church nursery since the beginning.  And, now they are all 3 years old!!

And, no birthday post is complete without a picture of these two sweet friends.  This marked their 6th party to attend for each other.  Love their friendship!

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Aja said...

A true friend doesn't post pictures of me at bday parties and of my son looking like a Chuckie doll. That's how I know you're a keeper. Happy birthday to Miller's best buddy! Last night Miller cried to go to 'Miss Micki's house!" And today Holder requested that Jonah and Micah ride somewhere in our car so he can listen to songs with them.


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