Thursday, October 24, 2013

I've always wanted to go to Miami...

Ever since we moved to DeLand, I've wanted to visit Miami. That is just one of the places that was always so far away from where we were from but now that we live in DeLand, it isn't that far.  We've talked about going several times.  But, we never have.  Except we kind of did today.  We've been here several hours.  And, we have a couple of hours left.  Our flight out of New Orleans was delayed today.  That meant we missed our connecting flight in Miami.  So, rather than getting to Orlando at 6:20, we got here about an hour later.  We just got seats on the 10:25 flight.  So, this will definitely be an after midnight arrival home. 

The airport is basically empty. Dan is watching the MSU/Kentucky game on his phone while I watch what seems like hundreds of kids who are heading to Disney run through the waiting area.  We moved to a quieter section.  As you can see, it's pretty much us over here. From the looks of the chaos up there, our flight is going to be VERY loud!  I don't even care though.  I'm just ready to be home.  

I really miss my babies.  We Facetimed with them a little tonight and it made the ache even stronger.  I love those little guys so much.  I've enjoyed being away but I'm ready to be back in the land of normal. 

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