Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013 Beach Vacation- Day 4

Yeah, our vacation hosts were so awesome that they even brought "indoor fireworks" for the boys.  They both LOVED stomping on the bubble wrap.  That was almost as much fun as the beach itself. 

Hazel kept the kids stocked with bubbles all week long.  I think she secretly likes bubbles as much as the kids do. 

If you have been around Micah and Louise at all know, you know they are BIG BUDDIES!  Micah loves "Weez!"  If you don't believe me, he will tell you...ALL THE TIME!  I was so happy to be behind them to catch this progression of pictures!

Before we headed out to Panama City that afternoon, we wanted to take a few pictures.  The kids (kind of) cooperated for this.  It was quite the feat getting them both to look at the camera at the same time. 

We stopped for lunch at Pineapple Willie's right on the beach. 

After lunch, we drove around for a while then we stopped for ice cream at the #2 ice cream place in America!  The boys and I all settled for Cookie Monster Ice Cream.  It was SOOO good!  (And, SOOO blue!)

We went back to the beach house and it wasn't long until Dan called us out to watch the dolphins.  He was on the back deck reading and heard dolphins.  It was so cool to watch them play. 

And, what is the beach without a few (or a lot) of sunset pictures?

And, as I told you in an earlier post, we spent lots of time playing cards and dominoes.  Jonah really enjoyed being with the grownups for this while Micah slept. 

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