Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ramblings from vacation

We are on the 5th day of our vacation and we are both in bed on our laptops while our kiddos play.  Dan is working on sermon stuff for Sunday and I'm making a to-do list for when we get home.  My mind kicked into full planning mode late last night.  It hit me that we have only a few days left of summer vacation.  And, with the beginning of the new year, there are so many things that I need to do.  My relaxing vacation turned into a Word document of things to do.  That is where life intersects with relaxation.  

It has been nice to have Dan "back!"  While he hasn't been away overnight, he has certainly been absent in our home.  He has been busier than I can ever remember.  He has missed lots of bedtime stories and play times.  He has spent a lot of time on the phone and in meetings.  He has been away for all of the daytime and well into the night.  And, when he has been home, he has been holed up in our room writing away.  So, these last few days and the 6 hours in the car on Sunday were good for all of us. 

We've played in the water, sat on the back deck and watched dolphins, played cards and dominoes, eaten really good food, watched movies, played with parachute men, taken pictures, eaten ice cream, kayaked, done indoor fireworks and played in the sand.  But, most of all, we've just been together.  We've enjoyed the slow pace.  We've enjoyed the lazy mornings.  We've enjoyed the breeze on the back porch.  It's been a really, really good week!  (and, apparently we've lost brain cells because I just heard Micah run onto the back deck and say "One, Two, Three, SEVEN!!")

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