Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day of School- 2013

 This is what the couch looked like before the boys got up Monday morning.  Everything was laid out and ready to go.  (Why I don't do this all year long is beyond me.  It sure makes for easy mornings!!)

 I got the boys dressed except for their shirts and we came to the kitchen for breakfast.  I let Jonah choose what we would have.  As you can see, he chose chocolate chip mini muffins, scrambled eggs, sausage and raspberries.  Since they both were starting school that day, I couldn't give either of them the red plate so I just put the muffins on there when they came out of the oven. 

 They were both so very tired.  Especially Micah.  Even though they went to bed at the right time, it will be an adjustment for my little sleeper.  It took him a little time to wake up and act like himself. 

 Our goal was to be done with breakfast by 7:00.  We did it.  I wanted to get a few pictures before leaving home.  (Shocker, I know!)  By this point, the boys were both in great moods.  So, pictures were quick.  We used a tripod to get a couple of family shots.  Micah LOVES the "beep beep beep" of the timer so we most always get great shots when we use the timer.  (Which is sometimes why I use the timer with him EVEN when I'm behind the camera!)
 Can you believe how big he looks here?  Blows my mind to see the growth in this boy.  I mean, I know kids grow but sometimes it seems like it happens over just a few weeks. 

 Dan picked Micah up for the first picture.  Before I hit the timer again, I said "let him stand by Jonah."  Man, it's amazing how much older he looks when standing rather than being held like a little guy. 

 They both wanted to show off their backpacks.  Micah (especially) is proud of his "packback!"  Jonah was excited to carry his new Batman Backpack and Lunch box that Jimmy and Cathy gave him for his birthday.  I switched from my favorite L.L. Bean back pack this year to the Pottery Barn back pack.  I'll be curious to see if it holds up as well as the green one from L.L. Bean. 

 We parked to walk up to the school and I was amazed to watch Jonah take the lead.  Last year, he was still so timid.  This year, he was several feet in front of us the entire time. 

 We took him inside to get him settled in line with his class.  He immediately found three of his buddies and barely even said goodbye to us.  He was quite happy with his friends.  (which made me quite happy!)
 It was time for us to leave so we could get Micah to his school so we said goodbye to him.  Micah ran to him for one last hug.  (Melt. My. Heart.)

That last hug wasn't good enough because as soon as Jonah sat down, Micah went to him and sat in his lap with his friends. 
 After leaving Jonah for his first day of 2nd grade, we got in the car to take Micah to his school.  I was so nervous about how that would go.  This little 2 year old is QUITE the momma's boy.  So, I decided not to take my camera in there but to drop him off and make a quick escape while he screamed.  Except, he didn't.  Instead, he got out of the car and took off to the door.  Dude could not wait to get in there. 

 He marched himself down the hall to his new classroom and walked right up to his new teacher to hand her a first day of school gift.  We put his things in his cubby then he walked right into the room and started playing with her.  He was the first one there and was totally okay with that.  I watched for a second from the door, snapped a couple of photos and headed off to work for the day!

What a blessing to leave both of them with no tears and no struggle.  I could not wait to get back to get them after a full day of school.  They both LOVED it.  Micah only goes 3 days per week and when he woke yesterday and found out there was no school, he cried.  "I wanna go to my cool.  My cool need me.  I miss my cool!" 

Dan and I have prayed every morning this week that school would continue to be a positive experience for them and that they would grow into the little boys that God would have them to be.  I'm excited for another year!

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Jade Nichelle said...

This is such a beautiful post!! I love the customized backpacks, and how everything was nice, neat, and organized!! I definitely took some of those tips for my future babies and nieces and nephews! Such a precious family!


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