Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear Jonah, You are almost 7 years old...

Dear (Almost) 7 Year Old Jonah,
On this day 7 years ago, your room looked like this.   It was sparkly clean and we were anxiously awaiting your arrival. The clothes were all washed and put away in the right drawers.  Your hospital bag was packed and we were counting down the days until we could hold you in our arms.  I was so excited about that but your daddy was more worried than excited.  The whole "watch his head" thing that everyone says around newborns had him scared to death.  He thought your head might fall off if he held you wrong.  (It didn't!) 
This is how we looked just days before you joined us.  Max didn't know that his life was about to be forever changed.  (Neither did we, really!)  Back then, I wasn't the camera freak that I am today so this particular afternoon was the only time we took any pictures of me with you in my belly.  I only wish I would have planned better than propping a little digital point and shoot up on the grill.  And, I wish I would have put on some makeup. And, I wish that big banana plant didn't take up such a large part of the picture. 
 Just a couple of days later, on a hot Thursday afternoon in July, you entered our world.  You scared us all half to death in the process.  Our room was full of medical personnel who were trying to save your life and keep me healthy.  I'm glad I didn't really understand the serious nature of what was going on or my heart would have been broken in two.  I had only glanced at you quickly and heard your brief cry, but I loved you already.

It wasn't long until you were okay and they handed you to me.  You were beautiful and oh,  SO precious!  The hospital was full of people waiting to meet you.  My doctor said you were one of the most famous babies ever born there.  You had quite the fan club from day one.  We were so grateful to share your birthday with so many people. They passed you from person to person and each time you snuggled up to one of them, you worked your way right into their hearts. 

Our first family photo

I loved the newborn days with you.  You were a perfect little baby who rarely cried.  You were content to be held or to be put down.  You had a steady stream of visitors.  You were our dream come true.  But, somehow, you got this crazy idea that you were supposed to grow up.  So, before we realized it, you were already one year old.  We had a monkey themed party for you and we celebrated you BIG!
Then, you turned two!  Mickey Mouse helped us celebrate that year.  You couldn't believe all the Mickey Mouse things around that party.  It was a fun day for you. 
When you turned three, we moved your party from the fellowship hall and into the gym.  We rented a bounce house, set up a candy bar, hyped all of you up on sugar and let you bounce the day away.  You had a large time with so many friends and family.  That day was bittersweet for us because we knew it would be your last party in Vidalia.  None of them knew and it made us so sad.  Just two weeks later we would be flying to Florida for your daddy to preach in view of a call at a church and then we would be moving away.  That was hard for all of us. 
You handled the move like a champ.  And, by the time your fourth birthday rolled around, you had a whole new set of friends there to celebrate with you.  We had a pirate party and you thought that was so cool.  Your friends did too.  It was a fun, fun day!  It was also the last birthday you would celebrate as an only child.  Micah was in my tummy and just a few months away from being born. 
And, in true Jonah fashion, Micah joined our family and you handled it like a pro.  You were the best big brother (and still are) and never showed one moment of jealousy.  You loved him.  You helped him.  You sang to him.  You grabbed things for me.  You made that year so easy for all of us.  He was still too little to participate in your water slide party but that didn't stop you from having a blast at your party.  I think this was one of your favorite parties ever.  It was SO HOT for all the grown ups there, but you loved it. 
Last year was the first year I did a party that required nothing of me but to show up.  That was a little hard but I knew that as you grew, your parties would be less about the cutesy stuff and decorations and more about the fun.  So, a bounce house party was a perfect idea for a BUNCH of rowdy boys like yourself.  Luckily, there were a lot of girls to balance out the madness.  I wonder how long before you want to have parties with a lot of girls!!  I'm definitely not ready for that!
 Now, we are getting ready for your 7th birthday party.  It is another one of those just parties that I am supposed to just show up to without any real preparation.  I'm kind of okay with that now.  (Don't tell Micah though because I'm still hoping for a few more cutesy parties for him!!!)  I'm excited to see you reconnect with your friends from school who you have missed so much.  I know you'll love the martial arts theme.  I guess I'm most excited about just seeing you have a good time.  

Our life lately has been busy and full of craziness.  Sometimes you get caught up in the middle of that and it makes your life a little hard.  But, you roll with the punches and take what our life brings you.  You are incredibly flexible and enjoy the adventures of life.  You have developed a strong love for reading, science and math.  You hate handwriting.   I become the bad mom when I make you work on that.  But, it's okay because I want you to be the best you can be so I'm okay pushing you.  

Jonah, you make my heart happy.  You say and do the funniest things. You are incredibly smart.  You ask us the tough questions.  You have a tender heart.  You love people and you allow them to love you.  You see the good in others.  You are the boy who made me a mommy and I'll always thank God for that.  

I hope this is your best year yet.  You will lose more teeth, hopefully learn to ride a bike, start and finish 2nd grade, explore new hobbies and grow more into a full-fledged boy.  You will grow taller and probably go up a couple of shoe sizes.  But, no matter how much you grow, you will always be my baby boy!  And, sweet one, I am so blessed to be your momma!


Cathi said...

I'm a weepy mess after reading this beautiful post! You have such a wonderful way with words and it gets me every single time! I need to find the pause button so I don't have to go through the growing years with Colton!! Happy (almost) 7th Birthday, Jonah...the Robinsons love you!

Anonymous said...

Sobbing!!! Happy Birthday sweet Jonah - Zoo-Zoo loves you as much today as I did the day you were born! Have a GREAT day!!

Barb said...

Happy birthday, Jonah!

Penny said...

How sweet! And I hope Jonah has another awesome birthday party! You are such a good momma. :)


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