Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Movin' On Up...

On Thursday, May 23, the crib was converted into a full size bed and my little baby two year old climbed into that bed and suddenly became a big kid.  He looks SO big sitting in that bed.  Several people have asked us why our boys have full size beds rather than twins.  There are several reasons.  The first is that we bought convertible cribs.  The front and back of their cribs convert into a headboard and foot board for a bed.  So, that is the first reason.

But, soon after we converted Jonah's bed and moved him into the full size bed, we realized how much we love having a big bed for them.  We lay beside them to read, do devotions, sing, pray, etc.  And, sometimes the whole family ends up in one bed for the bedtime routine.  We all love having the space to be together for this. 

Another reason is that full size beds give us more room for company.  As you know, we tend to have a good bit of company.  We know have more space for people to sleep when they come.  If need be, we can bring both boys to our room and that opens up two more full size beds for people to sleep.  That works well when your house is kind of like a hotel! 

Some of our most precious times are spent laying beside one of these boys as they drift off to sleep!  I know that one day (sniff, sniff) they will go to bed on their own and not need us to read to them or lay with them.  So, we are treasuring this for now!  (Well, maybe not quite treasuring on the nights Dan is gone and I'm pressed for time to get them both down!  HA!)
Micah has been a CHAMP since moving to this bed almost a month ago.  Not one time has he gotten out of bed after we say goodnight.  He lays there until he falls asleep and then sits in bed and plays until we go in to get him.  We told him the first night that he could not get up until mommy or daddy came in.  And, he listened.  We were so proud of him. 

I sent Jonah in one morning to get him and over the monitor, I heard Micah say "I not get up, I wait for my mommy!"  HA!  Hey, I'll take it!

As soon as Jonah found out he was having a brother, he started talking about them sleeping together.  He thought it would happen as soon as Micah came home from the hospital.  Needless to say, it didn't.  But, I think they are ready.  Jonah wanted to do it that night but we wanted to let Micah get used to the bed without Jonah in it.  So, one night this week, we will put those two down together and begin what will probably be years of them cozying up to each other.  (MELTS MY HEART!)

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