Thursday, May 23, 2013

Easter, 2013

Now that we are well on our way to cruising into summer vacation, I thought it might be time to post about Easter.  It's not that I'm really that behind, it is more due to the number of pictures in this post.  When I have a post in draft that has so many pictures, it tends to sit because I think I don't have time to write about it.  Then, I forget about it.  Then it ends up being two months later before the post is done. 
Jonah got up first on Easter Morning.  He came out to look at his basket.  All the while, we each took a turn trying to get sleepy-head Micah to get out of his bed to come see his.  No go!  So, Jonah just took it back to him. 

If there is anything that boy likes, it is sleep.  (And strawberries and the iPad but we will talk about those on a different day!)  We didn't get to take any family pictures before church because when you are married to the preacher, his mind is elsewhere on Sunday mornings and he tends to rush out the door.  I like to ride as a family on special days so we had to quickly adjust to his schedule and hurry out the door.  We ended up at the church an hour early so I had time for a few shots (without him) before Sunday School. 

We went into the sanctuary to hear the Orchestra.  Both of my kids really enjoy when they play.  I do too.  Orchestra Sundays are my most favorite!
The Sunday School class that does The Flowering Cross decided to have an 8 a.m. class that day so they could do the cross before people started getting to church.  It was so beautiful.  Be sure to notice the reflection in the glass above the cross.

I slipped out of my Sunday School for a little bit so I could see some of the Nursery kids doing their egg hunt.  Now Micah thinks there are always eggs in that little garden. 

After church, we attempted a few photos before heading to lunch.  This picture of Jessica makes me smile.  Love, Love, Love her!  What an asset she is to our church and our staff wives team.  We get asked on a weekly basis (sometimes more than once!) if we are sisters.  If I had a sister, I'd pick her.  When I was out for my surgery, people would come up to her and tell her how glad they were that she was back.  She just smiled and thanked them.  HA. 
If you remember, Jonah lost his first tooth in between Sunday School and the Worship Service that morning.  Reggie had to check it out.  My boy is pretty fond of Mr. Reggie. 

While the kids were playing, we tried to take a picture of them together.  They weren't so into that idea.  One day they will all be big and will sit nicely on the steps for a good pic.  (What?  Wishful thinking?)
Micah with is YoYiYa.  He loves Moriah.  She is one of his most favorite people.  Which works out well because we really like her too!  :-)
Seriously, how sweet is this?  I wish Jonah's eyes were open.  Look at Eli leaned in to him.  Sweet, sweet, sweet!
And, this pretty much sums up why we don't have a good picture of the three of them. 

In case you can't tell in the following pictures, the sun is RIGHT IN OUR EYES!

Notice the progression of the next two photos.  There they are, my children, in the background of the Braswell's family photo.  So, I made them move.  Micah really liked that decision.  (insert sarcasm)

Since cooking a big holiday meal for just us didn't sound that exciting, we decided to invite a few college students to have lunch with us downtown.  On our way there, we took a few pictures of the crosses lining our downtown area.

As we looked, we saw so many were sponsored by different groups at our church. 

We had another wonderful holiday.  Easter is one of my favorites.  I love celebrating Jesus and his victory.  I love teaching my boys about His sacrifice and power.  I love how exciting and upbeat the day is.  I love celebrating a RISEN Lord.  It was a good, good day!

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