Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Run Disney

Back in February, our family from South Carolina drove in for Allison to run in the Disney 1/2 Marathon. When she was online registering, she saw about the Kid Races at Disney and asked if our kids would like to do it with hers.  I knew Micah would be all about that but I didn't know if that would sound like fun to Jonah.  It ended up being the complete opposite.  But, more about that later.  They got to our house around midnight on Thursday night.  Poor Audrey just couldn't hang.  She was asleep when they got here.

Our kids were asleep too because Jonah had school the next day.  He would be able to see them for a few minutes before school but all of the cousin fun would have to wait until Friday night.
The kids had so much fun together that night.  They played their little hearts out.  I hated to send them all to bed but we had to be at Disney fairly early the next morning so we all needed our rest.  But, as you can see, they enjoyed being together! 

We got to Epcot around 8:30 on Saturday morning.  Jonah was in a great mood.  Micah was in a rotten mood.  Have I mentioned on here what a momma's boy he is?  Wowzers!  That kid LOVES his mommy and there is a thought of us being separated, he gets very sad. 

The races were broken up by age so Ella would run alone.  Jonah, Amelia and Audrey would run together and then Micah would be alone.  They did allow parents to run with the kids so Dan and Doug ran with everyone except Ella. 

Everyone else took the kids to their corrals to wait for their races while I went to the stands near the finish lines.  It wasn't until I got there that I realized my great need for my other lens.  Oh well. 
If you look close, you will see Dan dragging running with Micah to the finish line.  They were the first race.  I think they came in third from last.  Yes, you read that right, this wild child of mine who normally goes full speed at every thing he does did not enjoy running at all.  THIRD FROM LAST!

He was just happy to have the snacks they gave him and to be back with his mommy!

I still wasn't sure how Jonah would like this whole running thing.  Then, near the front of the group, I see him speeding through.  He loved it.  He ran with all his might and did pretty well.  I was so proud of him.  He loved it so much that we signed him up for the Hershey Track Meets with his school but he got sick last week and had to miss. 

Next up was Doug with Amelia and Audrey.

The last group to run was Ella's group.  She ran by herself.  She did great!

It was such a fun experience for them to do this together.  Jonah adores his cousins and is always sad when he has to leave them.  So, days like this are just perfect for him. 

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