Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dnow Weekend

It is Saturday Night.

Every person in my house is exhausted.  

We have been in the midst of DiscipleNow weekend.

Anyone who has ever experienced DNow understands the full reason for our exhaustion.  DiscipleNow is one of the best opportunities in the world to help teenagers draw closer to Jesus.  These weekends take a ton of work from so many people.  Jon and Jessica have done an amazing job leading our church through this event.  It won't be over until tomorrow then we dive right into a SS meeting after church and then Business meeting tomorrow night.  

I have lots to blog about.  For instance, Dan and Jonah went flying today.  And, by flying, I mean that Dan literally did the take off and most of the flying.  He was obviously coached by the pilot with them but it was fun for him.  They both loved it.  Oh, and the pool is officially open for 2013.  All the boys have been in.  

This week was an especially busy week for Dan.  He has had more meetings and time away from home than he has had in a really long time.  Weeks like this remind me how stressful his job is.  I'm glad he loves what he does because some weeks are a real challenge.  It sure makes me appreciate the time he is here even more. to sleep a little before another BUSY day!  Pictures to come!

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