Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dear Apple

Dear Apple,

Several years ago, you introduced the world to your newest product, The iPad.  We didn't get one for a while.  It looked intriguing but since we already had iPhones and Macs, we didn't really see the need.  But, the more we played with them, the more beneficial they seemed.  Especially when we considered the benefit of Dan using it for meetings and us using it for road trips rather than lugging a laptop.  We never considered how much our kiddos would love it.

Yes, they love it.  They both do.  Jonah's teacher regularly sends apps home that go along with her curriculum.  For a kid who hates to write, doing math on the iPad is a treat.  And, when you have a reader like Jonah, unlimited books on line are a gift when a certain mommy forgot to get more books from the library.  Add in the other fun things for a first grader and you have created such fun for a first grader. 

What I never expected was for my 2 year old to love it.  By 16 or so months, he knew every letter and color.  He now knows his shapes and letter sounds.  I'd like to think my stellar mothering should get total credit but honestly, he and I do a lot of toddler educational apps and I'm pretty sure the iPad is to thank.  And, if I'm being completely honest, your product is a pretty good babysitter when I need to get a few things done. 

But, over the course of this week, I have developed a new love for the iPad.   You see, my little boy has struggled with asthma his whole life.  We manage it pretty well most of the time, but sometimes it gets the best of him.  And, at those times, any type of activity that involves moving, takes his breath and makes it really hard to breathe.  We have tried everything we can to get him to be still and to just rest.  But, let me remind you, he is two years old...TWO!  So, sitting still doesn't happen often. 

But, the moment we hand him the iPad, we are guaranteed stillness.  He goes hours without rescue breathing treatment.  He sits and plays.  He sings his alphabet.  He counts to 30 with one app.  He reads a book with Elmo on the other.  He watches Pooh rescue Tigger.  Basically, he just sits.  Which, minute by minute helps him get better!

So, thank you!


Penny said...

Poor buddy! I had asthma as a kid and I still remember how that felt. In the dark ages, there were no home treatments, nebulizers, etc. just brown paper bags. Lol if it got bad enough, I spent time under an oxygen tent at the hospital. My earliest memory is opening my birthday presents in the hospital on my second birthday. :(
Glad he has something fun to occupy his time and keep him still. :)
Our schools in jonesville got a $5 million reading grant and the first mil went to technology. iPads for the teachers and the classrooms, smart boards, and new computers. I love the educational apps and the kiddos do, too. :)

Anonymous said...

What is the letter sound and counting app? There are so many that I never know which to buy.


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