Friday, March 8, 2013

Well, he is halfway right!

Jonah had several graded papers in his folder when he got home from school today.  He typically does very well in math but on this paper, he got 6/9.  I glanced at it and commented to Dan that he didn't do so well and that was very odd.  Not long after that, Dan came in holding the paper and laughing.  He said "Did you read the answers on the questions he missed?"  I told him I didn't.  He read them to me.  (They were all similar in nature)

#3.  Writing in Math.  Find the 2 missing numbers on this number line.  How did you find the numbers.  

Jonah's answer:  "I remembered the way my teacher taught me!"  

The correct answer was "counting by tens"  Theoretically, he was correct.  He did do it by remembering the way his teacher taught him. Dan says if he were in college, he could have totally argued with the professor for credit on that one. 

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