Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday morning ramblings

Dan and Jonah just left for the day.  I'm sitting by the fire enjoying the last few minutes of silence before Micah is up for the day.  I've cleaned the breakfast dishes and started the first load of laundry.  I have big plans for this free morning.  By the time I leave for the Mission Power Lunch at church, I hope to have all the laundry done, all of Micah's toys cleaned out and a new toy rotation set up, and have something in the works for dinner.  The beauty of cleaning out Micah's toys is getting to play with them and him while I do it.  That is usually always done while he is sleeping or away.  But, today, I need to kill two birds with one stone.  So, it is clean out and play time all at once.  

Speaking of Micah.  That little guy is becoming a big boy so fast.  He is showing interest in potty training but I think I learned enough about Potty Training during Round One with Jonah that I'm waiting a bit longer to even begin.  I have a potty in both bathrooms.  Sometimes he asks to sit, so we do.  But, I never push it.  Jonah grasping the potty in just one day and never having an accident sold me on the "wait until they are ready" mode.  So, I'll keep watching for signs and will be more than ready to make that transition when he is ready.  

Micah is a lover of puzzles.  And, he is really, really good at them.  He can pick one up for the very first time and put most every piece where it goes.  Jonah played Perfection the other night and left it out.  Micah can even put those in their places.  That is a total turn around from just a couple of months ago.  We have 8 or so puzzles of Jonah's that we saved and then I bought 10 more from a friend.  He has mastered all of those so I will probably sell them in the JBF sale next month and buy him the next level up.  

He has also learned every shape.  He can point to a shape and tell you the name.  Although, in doing so, he reminds me that he might need speech therapy.  He doesn't enunciate at all.  He has very "lazy" speech.  We can tell what he is saying but most of it isn't very defined.  His favorite thing to do lately is to point to a color, shape or letter and excitedly tell you what it is.  The letter W is my favorite.  "OUBLEWOO!"  Although, he is very confused as to why it also looks like the letter M.  

He still sleeps very good at night but has definitely transitioned to just one nap a day.  Yes, he is almost 2.5 years old.  Most kids do that before they turn 1.  But, this boy has always loved to sleep.  He can climb in and out of his crib but he has never done it at sleep time.  I don't think he has realized that is an option.  It is very common to find him in his bed playing or reading when I walk in his room.  When he wants in, he just climbs right in. When he is done, he climbs out.  But, at night or nap times, he will call for us when he is ready to get up.  As long as that continues, I'll leave him in the crib.  But, all of the bedding has been bought for his big boy room.

Jonah is excelling at first grade.  He loves every aspect of school except anything that involves handwriting.  The moment he has to write, everything goes downhill.  Are there tutors out there just for handwriting?  I'm not doing a very good job of helping him to not hate it.  And, since that is something that will be part of EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for the rest of his life, he needs to get a handle on in.  

He is reading like crazy.  His favorite fiction series are The Magic Treehouse, Hank the Cowdog, Junie B. Jones and The Chronicles of Narnia.   For non-fiction, he loves anything about science, presidents, space and history.  He has started reading biographies and is so intrigued by them.  He read about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman and now he is on Walt Disney.  

He started Karate in January and L.O.V.E.S it.  As you know, we've tried soccer, basketball and t-ball in the past and none of those were his thing.  He didn't hate them but he certainly didn't love them.  But, this, he loves.  LOVES!  He goes two days per week (which is draining to me!!) and takes two different types of classes.  His confidence is certainly up.  It has been good to see that transformation in him.  He is still doing piano once per week.  I think he did get some of Dan's genes in the area of music.  Which, bodes well for him.  

This past month brought some new and different behavior from Jonah.  We had a rough couple of weeks with him.  There were a few days in there that we questioned everything we have ever done as parents.  We struggled with what the right thing to do was.  We sought counsel from some wise friends and parents.  I'm happy to report a total turnaround.  We changed the way we do some things, he changed the way he does some things.  It was a difficult time but we all learned from it.  I know it won't be the end of our parenting struggles but this one certainly brought us (and a few of our friends) to our knees.  

We have been in full planning mode for the rest of our spring and summer.  Our Disney passes are up for renewal.  We have just a few days left and have almost decided not to renew them.  If it were just Jonah, we would definitely do something different but little Micah is still so into Pooh/Mickey/Minnie/Jake/Little Einsteins.  One of the main reasons we have kept them is so we can visit the parks with all of our friends who come to stay with us and go to Disney.  But, that has really tapered off.  We have company coming from Vidalia the first week in April and they don't want to do Disney at all.  

I've been looking at a fun possibility for a family vacation that would cater to the interests of both boys.  I found the perfect thing but I'm having a hard time finding the time to go.  Spring Break is out because it leads up to Easter this year.  That is the worst time ever to miss a week of work for Dan.  I've actually considered taking Jonah out of school so we could avoid the madness of summer vacations.  This is a part of the country that none of us have been to so it would be an adventure for us all.  

Speaking of adventure, the first load of laundry is done.  So, I'm off to fold it and put it away while Micah still sleeps.  Today is the first morning I've had at home with just him in a long time.  We have been so busy.  So, I'm treasuring these last few moments of quiet and then will welcome the giggles of a sweet 2 year old boy.  I'm grateful for this life.  Even on the days filled with laundry, cleaning, sorting, meetings, homework and cooking.  

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Megan Powell said...

My parents used to always take us out of school for a week in October to go to the mountains. go for it!


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