Monday, March 4, 2013


Jonah is a little reader.  Like, he loves it.  He doesn't read for school or Reading Count points,(although he has to do those some) he reads for pleasure.  For instance, this afternoon, he read "Lead Us To Freedom, Harriet Tubman!"  That book is a 3.4 Reading Level with 4 Reading Counts Points.  It has 10 chapters and 58 pages.  He read it in 90 minutes.  Cover to Cover!  He is 6!  He reads fiction and non-fiction.  He is a lover of the written word!

While he was reading today, I was on the phone chatting with my friend, Kristin.  She is a teacher in Alabama.  She was at our house last December and fell in love with my boys.  She and Jonah totally hit it off.  Most every time he learns something new, he always wants to tell her.  So, as we were talking today, he said "tell Mrs. Kristen about the book I'm reading!"  So, I said "Jonah wants you to know he is reading about Harriet Tubman!"  

And, in true teacher fashion, she immediately got excited for him and all he was learning.  She said "Did you know she suffered from Narcolepsy?"  Jonah said "I don't even know what suffered means?"  So, after I ended my conversation with Kristen, I explained suffering to Jonah.  We never mentioned the narcolepsy again.

Fast forward a couple of hours later.  Jonah was in the backseat as we drove to BJJ.  (Since everyone asks what BJJ is, I'll go ahead and include the link HERE.)  I said "Jonah, when you were reading about Harriet Tubman, was there anything about her falling asleep?  He said "YES!  She fell asleep a lot.  She had to have a helper with her when she was helping slaves escape."  I said "Jonah, that is called Narcolepsy.  That is the word Mrs. Kristen told you that Harriet Tubman suffered from."  He said "Ohhhh.  I know what it means now!"

We drove a little while longer and from the backseat he piped up and said "Mommy, do you have Narcolepsy?  You sure take a lot of naps!"



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